Wow Bass Level 1 is your first Vinyl and Digital Release, how did you choose these tracks for the EP?
I realised that them tunes were getting a lot of airplay and I liked them personally so I decided that those tracks are going on my first vinyl release.

Have there been any official vocals of these tunes? As the whole EP is instrumental.

Yeah there are but we will just have to wait and see because they may not get released. Lets just pray Butterz!

How important has your Rinse.FM show been in promoting yourself as a DJ?

It's very important because without radios no DJ will have promotion, radio stations get you bookings. I think me being on Rinse has given me the chance to promote 'Wow Bass Level 1' (Adverts and plugging) so radio is important. I first touched down on Rinse.FM in June 2007 and my fan base wasn't really there then a year later a lot of people know about Silencer.

What do you think Grime DJs should be doing to push the scene right now?

Work together because i'm realising that every DJ is out there for themselves they don't care about no one but themselves but lets just see if people take i what i say seriously. radio shows, bookings, tunes, just respect each other also.

Underground Unit are your crew, you have a couple of videos floating about tell us a bit more about them.
We have done all this grime stuff already a lot of people know we can do it we just taught ourselves to do things differently. Sticking to one genre isn't going to get a lot of money in your pocket. Now we have tunes like poison that's like a sweet boy tune in a different way not just obvious lyrics like ' your my sunshine and my everything!'. We are working on a album but we are really taking our time to make it really professionally. For instance if we are making a track and if it needs a person to play instruments into it then we will do that. It's all about making your album worth buying not just simple tracks with a kick and a snare and a bit of melody.

What tunes are you planning to release for Wow Bass Level 2?

It's going to be very powerful no producer is going to touch this Level 2. There's no point using the word 'level' if you can't up your game on the production every time you bring out new music. that's why I take time thinking about the names I use for CDs and vinyl.

Would you do a producer mixtape project where you get big MCs to vocal your beats?

Im working on that right now but im not going to update anyone until it's finished then im going to plug it like crazy on radio and internet.

Any Final Words Silencer?

Wow bass Level 1 out now in all good record stores and on download (Itunes, 7 Digital, Napster Etc) on 1st september never stop what you do musically if you love it.

Buy Wow Bass from Uptown HERE.

I was going through some old bits on the hard drive, and came across this when Fire Camp met Ego 6 in Paris. It is filmed by Lethal B and 2-Face mainly, and is pretty funny in places, especially where Lethal B is writing the lyrics to the song Mr towards the end. The usual cut and shut editing from myself, and I will apologize for some of the French they use in advance.


Fire Camp - In Paris 2005 from Butterz on Vimeo.

P.S If you want to see the performance from that night click here.

I never do my blog titles in CAPS. But I thought this may be worth it.
Couple notes from last night.
- Seeing Dubstep heads dancing to funky house was funny.
- No Wiley appearance
- My ears are still ringing
- Every DJ still drops Night.
- Flow Dan>
- FWD on Sunday is going to be ram

Mak 10 gave me a mix CD. I ain't listened to it yet. I don't have a clue whats on it. Download it HERE.

FWD V RINSE HIGHLIGHTS from Butterz on Vimeo.

I was going to write more but I am in a net cafe costing £1 every 20 minutes.



Im not really good at the whole pun thing am I.

Neway, there was one of them 3 minute things on Channel 4 last night before my favourite program How Clean Your House? It features experts in Grime like Dotun Adebayo who describes Grimes Mcs as todays Shakespeares, I beg to differ.

I don't talk about Dubstep much, probably because this is a grime blog, but I thought I would share this with you. It has Flow Dan on it, before you call me a sell out. It is the highlights from the Dubfiles launch party. Check out by the way.

Dub Files Launch from Butterz on Vimeo.


Rinse FM been uploading classic sets. Theres only Jungle ones up right now check them out HERE

Spyro b2b Mak 10 - Apparently Mak 10's last fully grime set. Download Here

Logan Sama Ft. Marvell (Double S, Vertex & Shocka) From Monday show Big set. Download Here

Tunes on repeat right now

DVA- Bullet A Go Fly
Frisco, Jammer, Tempa T - Big Man Ting
Lil Nasty - UFO Vocal
* Edit Chase & Status - Eastern Jam* Maybe all this dubstep is killing my ears

Who's going carnival?

It doesn't even have to be true what you say, nobody is going to bother checking. Here are the top 3 things to do if you want an article published.

1. Name drop every underground genre that exists and compare it to the one you are focusing on. Even if they are polar opposites! The genres currently doing the rounds are; Tribal, Electro, Funky, Baltimore (or B-More if your cool enough), Baile Funk, 2 Step, Jungle, Dancehall, Broken Beat and GRIME. The more genres you can name, that proves how much different music you listen to doesn't it right? I see all these fassy Shoreditch DJs with genres on their Myspace profiles that they have only heard mentioned in Guardian blogs, it's because of the writers, they can't keep up with whats cool!

2. Have a paragraph debating what you call it? This is normally the only debate element. If the only debate you can think of with the music is the name of it, then you need to write about something else. Wasting a paragraph talking about whether it's called Garage or Grime, Niche or Bassline, Nu Rave or shit. If you include this, it proves it is a new scene, and you are writing about something that hasn't even finished forming yet. Cutting edge eh!

3. You have to say the music is going mainstream otherwise the article is pointless isn't it! Signing a song to a label isn't guaranteed success, it means that song is going to be exposed more then any other, and they will use the scene as a buzzword to make the song they are pushing "authentic". What have been the recent chart positions of all them Bassline songs that got signed? U Wot U Wot!

Is this the best RWD competition ever?

Unrelated Picture
Yea... Someone sort me out with some tickets for Friday safe.

Couple things i'm bored with right now.

  • The Term "Politics"
  • UK Funky vocals. The instrumentals are cool, theres a lot of good tunes out there right now. Made by loads of grime people but hey, some of the singing is worse then bassline vocals.
  • People taking my idea, and not giving me credit here.
  • DJs not being up to date in the clubs. At chockablock, barely heard any 2008 grime music. Only 2008 tunes I remember where Rolex Sweep, Whos Got? and Mountain. There has been enough music out to play a good set of 2007/2008 and unreleased grime. Hearing 06/07 certified hits is not doing it for me.
  • People sending me music that you can't play in a club. Im not into grime ballads or story telling, I can appreciate it, but if it ain't sitting well next to UFO, WW4, The Best, Stay Down The Road instrumentals it's a par for you.
  • Reading press releases written by fucking idiots. If you want to get a PR company to push your stuff, check all the collateral BEFORE it is sent out. I got a classic recently with the ARTISTS NAME spelled incorrectly. Bloody interns eh. Who gave you my personal email anyway.
On to the Grime, and who better to start with then Lemon Artist aka todays average grime fan. Forward it to 3.32

Plastician Rinse 06
If this is anything on par, or better then the May Mixes, then it is must buy.

1 Flying Dagger - Plastician
2 Thugged Out 9 - Darkstar
3 Fick - Skream
4 3K Lane - Jakes & Joker
5 Guilty (Plastician Remix) - Kosheen
6 Humans - Crissy Criss
7 Wreckage - Maniac
8 Trigger Finger - Benny Page & Zero G
9 Digidesign - Joker
10 The Clouds - Plastician
11 10 Bit Dreamz - Skream
12 Three Crowns - Maniac
13 Fackin Ell - Crissy Criss
14 Starboy - DJ Narrows
15 Age Of Dub - Ed Solo
16 Pushkin - Plastician
17 Headrush - K Rio
18 Examination Of Time VIP - Babylon System
19 Step Out VIP - Benny Page
20 Modem - Jakes
21 Beneath Your Blouse - Sukh Knight
22 Filth - Skream
23 Soap Dodger - Crissy Criss
24 Coco Butter - Crissy Criss
25Walk In The Carpark - Plastician
26 Thoughts (Japan) - Plastician feat. Unkle Sam

*Props to Maniac*
Tinie Tempah - Tears

Two videos ending in car accidents. Talk about tempting fate. Thankfully the rest of the video isn't a car crash, it is a top notch video. Davinche on production helps as well.

Newham Generals Show Featured Dizzee Rascal on Sunday, always a good listen, DJ Dan on decks. Download HERE.

Heres what it could of looked like in the studio. Without Annie Mac

Last but not least.

Don't you just love green screen.


P.S don't try and book butterz to play anything other then grime.

I was listening to Meshek N.A.S.T.Ys radio set earlier and observed what he was doing on the decks with the quick mixes, so I thought to myself "let me have a go".
Well here is my attempt. 20 minutes long.

The Zshare Link

I took on the mentality of "once the needle is on the vinyl/dub it can't be touched until the tune is mixed out" having one shot at mixing.
It also had to be dropped in before the main drop.
So excuse any mixing errors because I'm still brushing up and have a fair few practice hours to go.

Track listing is as follows:

Davinche - The Stick Up
Wiley - Colder Rmx
Dex - Change Formation
Dizzee - Wheel (or Chung Li as I've written on my dub, don't know why)
DOK & Magnum - Crazy Beat (Terror Danjah Mix)
Jammer - Right Hooks Instrumental
Dizzee - I Luv U (Pulse Remix)
Centurions - Speed Racer
Plasticman - Cha
JME - Serious Thuggish Instrumental
Jammer - Murkle Man Instrumental
N.A.S.T.Y - Good You Know Instrumental
Wizzbit - Breakdown
Terror Danjah - Love Is Here To Stay Instrumental (Bonus Remix)
Black Ops - War
Ruthless & Spider B - Grimey Frontline.

I'll do a proper one in the near future with some more old school grime vinyls that I have which are collecting dust.
I might even do this one again.

That is all.

*EDIT: I couldn't wait so I did it again. Not as rushed and a bit more pleasing to the ear mix-wise!

This will sum up some of the things that frustrate me most in this scene.

Vol.1: The Music Video

The Top 5 Errors people make when doing a music video.

1. Has a music video ever been in time with a products release? That is why artists from other scenes do music videos, to promote the product you will be able to buy. I remember Top 3 Selected Video coming out long after Ghetto Gospel was out, or videos for tunes coming out, then a year later the song coming out on a mix cd (if your lucky). Imagine if a music video came out at the start of the month, to promote the upcoming release from that artist, and a month or so later, the product was in stores, and on iTunes there for people to purchase. Crazy idea, but I think it is worth a try.

2. Choosing the wrong songs for videos. Your music video should be your biggest tune, the one you want everyone to know and the tune that will take you to another level. Normally this is the hype song, or the peoples favourites in the clubs or on radio. 9/10 people choose the wrong song for their videos, think Wiley's 50/50 & My Mistakes and Tinchy Stryders Breathe.

3. The outlets for these music videos on television is only really Channel U. You might get C list on Base as well, but count everything else out. Even saying that, it may get played on Channel U for a week or so, and then they will go back to playing N Dubz and whoever else is paying £500 for power play. Is it really worth the hassle? Putting only a preview up on Youtube is a par, you lot should be feeding Youtube with good content, as more people have access to that then Channel U believe it or not!

4. The amount of money some of you lot spend on your videos is criminal. Why would you spend £4,000 on a video when you haven't invested that into your actual music. The balance isn't there. It is even worse when the song isn't for sale, as you will never get that money back. It is a gross waste of money. Could do something good for £300 and bang it on Youtube, and most of the time it will have the same effect. Especially if the tune is a "hood smash" Look at what Giggs has done with "Track 9". Actually Dizzee is at number 1 right now with a video that cost under £4,000.

5. The most frustrating thing of all, is most are crap. Recurring themes, same free adidas tracksuits, poorly constructed graphics on Green Screens. How bad was Lethal B's Uh Oh and Wiley's Gangsters? There are not many music videos I rate. But to end on a positive note here are my all time favourites in no order:

Crazy Titch - I Can See You
Lethal B - Forward Riddim (Original)
Jammer - Murkle Man
Skepta - In A Corner
Bear Man - Drinking Beer
Bruza, Demon, Kano, D Double E - Get Out Of My House
Wiley - Wot Do You Call It
Bruza - Get Me


I don't know where to start with this prat really. This person openly admitted to being a retard in my opinion. The Sun must of been laughing their heads of when "one of our own' wrote something so stupid about Grime music and recent black history. If a white guy wrote this, everyone would be playing the race card, but because it is a well educated black DJ who works for the BBC it is FACT. I bet he voted Boris.

The basis of the article is him listening to 12 hours of Grime music straight. What could he of been listening to for 12 hours straight? Where did he get all this music from, what was the point in listening to something you already don't like and are fully aware of the violent content. What does it prove? He boasts' after listening to this hybrid of hip-hop and garage music (he probably got that from wikipedia), I wanted to kill someone'. Don't worry people, he wouldn't because 'doesn't have a violent nature'. So, it would only make you want to kill someone if you ALREADY had a violent nature then? Ok, stupid still, but lets look further at the inaccuracies (fucking stupidity more like) of the rest of the article.

'Parents worry about the music their kids listen to, particularly the lyrics of rap and grime music.' - Mate, your 40 something yea, theres parents in their 20's right now that turned out fine, and they were listening to NWA, 2Pac and other 'Gangster' rappers in their youth, why would they have a reason to worry about a music if they are listening to it themselves? The violent demises of the high profile gangster rappers is enough to warn most sensible people not to get involved with Guns and Drugs I think.

"Chief superintendent Leroy Logan, one of the most senior black officers in the Met police, reckons there isn’t enough love in music kids listen too and that a constant diet of violent lyrics isn’t healthy." I think the sexual content in music people listen to from a young age is more prominent then violence in music that the youth listen to. There is no parental advisory sticker on a Sugababes album, but there are adult topics masked throughout all their songs and videos. Who has seen the video for Push The Button? Anyway what does Leroy Logan know about what kids are listening to, is he a secondary school teacher? Is he a social worker, no, he is a senior Police Officer with his head in paper work his finger in his ass. Come out of that office and talk to us 'kids', 48 year old Dotun don't know shit.

Here is the Superintendent/ Music Critic. Nice Shirt!

" After Bob Marley died in 1981, black music started becoming aggressive." Around the same time Crack Cocaine emerged. Coincidence?

The article continues with similar crap, but it offers no suggestions for change. It doesn't even hint at banning the music, he just says he is off to a rave to listen to some lovers rock. The overall solution for me would be sectioning this man under the mental health act, because if he gets exposed to grime music again he could be a danger to society.

Left out the dubs with the talking, even though they were nang as well big up Scratcha, Dot Rotten and Bless Beats on theres.
These are the instrumental dubs. This years producer war started with "The 'Real' Best" from Nocturnal as a reaction to Rude Kids interview. Rude Kid replied with "Time to waste" and since then Spooky, Gemmy, Joker and Maniac have put out instrumentals for free download. Skilliam mixed a couple of the old Maniac ones from last year, because they are nang.

So watch the mix, take note of the plugs, and download these free instrumentals below.

Order of play
Maniac - War Dub
Nocturnal - The Real Best
Maniac -War
Spooky - War
Joker/Gemmy/Maniac - The One
Rude Kid - Time To Waste

Dun know the CDJ400