This was the week that Wiley's new album 'See Clear Now' was supposed to come out, and Grimetapes thought to counter his major label effort, he would put together a Wiley collection available to download on the same day. The label flopped, and now it is out in 2009, but we thought it would still be appropriate to drop it today. Hopefully there will be a Volume Two for the actual release date.

Now onto the mixtape:

Imagine all Wiley's best radio and live moments in mixtape format free to download. Simple concept, continuing on from the Wheel Volume One theme.

Selection comes from Slimzee, Karnage, Maximum, Tubby and Darkside. Classic stuff. Includes a clash with Doogz and some vintage back to back moments with Dizzee.

Hit up and start the petition for D Double E Volume One.

Big up Slackk.

Check the article from The Wire here.



  1. Anonymous 14 November 2008 at 19:16

    what is there too say about this?
    it's just too much