TRC kicked off our vinyl only white label series on Butterz in fine style with Oo Aa Ee VIP, and I thought it was about time we spoke to him to hear his future plans.

Where are you from where did the TRC name came from and what would you say was the first tune that got you noticed?

Im 21, from West Midlands, been producing since I was 17 now. My name is actually my little brothers name backwards (CRT) he makes beats as well. The first tune I made that probably got me noticed was a bassline track called Break Up VIP.

At the time when there were bassline remixes and compilations everywhere your name used to pop up a lot, since those have slowed down whats your relationship been like with the genre? Are you still making it are people raving to it? People from outside the midlands dont really understand it.

I still produce bassline and I always will. Since things have slowed down I've had time to concentrate on a lot of stuff I made from earlier that never really got spotted (Oo Aa Ee..) as a lot of my tunes that are out now I made when I was 17/18. Bassline comes more from up North then anything and was massive in most cities further up the map such as Leeds, Sheffield, Leceister etc and it takes time to get your head round it. I think people need to go on an adventure to one of the raves to see what impact it really has.

So when you where making tracks like Oo Aa Ee where you giving them to both bassline & grime DJs? or did you keep both sides of your production separate? That tune to me is like a bassline & grime hybrid

I made a lot of my bassline songs off the back of my grime instrumentals, especially that tune. I kind of kept them seperate but when I was younger found it hard to try get into grime so I became half hearted and just made the tunes for fun.

Did the lack of motivation come from not being able to work with the MCs or lack of support from the bigger DJs?

Both really, it seemed people were really stubborn and didn't want to listen to what I had to offer, its only when I got a name in bassline did people want to hear my stuff, and all people wanted to hear was bassline, so I just sat on my grime for a while. The only person that played 'Oo Aa Ee' from when I exported it out of reason was DVA and that was in 2006/2007.

Now that has changed what are you making in the present day? And whose music would make up a TRC DJ set at the moment?

Still bassline, grime and dubstep, keeping the dubstep hush for a while though. I'd say my favourite producers at the moment are probably Virgo, Mr Figz, Burgaboy, Benga + Skream, Joker, Champion, Rusko, Paleface, DJ Q, EK9, Teddy and Terror, and Spyro when ever he makes something.

Your using quite a few singers on your music which nobody else seems to be doing at the moment! Do you want to talk about the tunes you have, and the plans for them?

Yeah I have got a lot of vocals I did earlier this year, I've got a tune about to come out now called 'Drive Me' with Miss Fire. We did some stuff earlier on this year just to try and get people back used to the vocals and stuff. Its all about making tunes for girls, where ever girls go men follow so you hit both crowds. I also had a track come out called into you with one of my old friends Teresa. I've got some more vocals to come out with my singer Ruth as well and hope to work with more singers over the next few months.

Is that what your overall working towards kinda juss getting out a few singles to get your name popping or is there an overall project like a ep or mixtape coming?

I haven't really got a masterplan, the plan is just to make good music right now that people enjoy and love. I love making grime and bassline, and as long as people are jumping around or the tunes are getting wheels on sets I'm happy. I'm just trying to get as much out there as I can, but spread it out over time rather then flood peoples ears so they don't know what to listen to. Its kind of hard to juggle bassline and grime as well, as both listeners are stubborn to each others taste.

I'll eventually start working on a mixtape, the time isn't right yet, people get one gleam of hype and think 'Yes, do a mixtape with about 50 tunes so everyone knows me', where as I'd rather just keep coming out bits and bobs one by one until my names on everyones lips and they actually want to hear a mixtape.

Can you give us an early tip on some producers from the Midlands we should be looking out for in the near future?

My little brother CRT! He's too sick for his age better then most out there! Only just turned 17 he's on his grime. EK9, dubstep is ridiculous, already done some bits and bobs with Sukh Knight when he was round these sides. Mr Figz, RnG is absolutely nuts. Avirex & Hectic! Bassline producers, few I've been working with, Lil Stepz and Jack Swagger, they put out two new tunes last week which got massive feedback and theres youtube vids for those (TRCMusicTV).. I dont even need to say watch out but you all know my homie S-X, theres too many to list to be honest so much talent round here stretching from Birms to Wolves to Notts to lesta its madness. Flush UK Media and Stay Fresh, 2 big labels from the midlands you need to keep your eyes on. Flush have got so much going on right now, too many flush raw videos, Bassboy has a release coming out in a few weeks so look him up too.

Watch out for more TRC on Butterz in the future hopefully...

Oo Aa Ee VIP is out now on iTunes or on vinyl with 'Skipping Rope' and 'My Empire'

This is one of my favourite Rinse FM shows we have taken part in so far. Myself, Skilliam and Kode 9 going back to back with Terror Danjah talking about his whole career. Includes cuts of the forthcoming album which you can preorder now, and heaps of classic and unreleased stuff from 2002 to the present day.

Terror Danjah feat Dream Mclean - Grand Opening
Terror Danjah & D.O.K Feat Griminal & Mz Bratt - This Year
Terror Danjah - Acid
Terror Danjah - Minimal Dub
Terror Danjah - Feeling You
Terror Danjah & Babyface Jay - Breaking Bad
Terror Danjah - Time To Let Go
Terror Danjah - Cock Back (D.O.K Remix)
Terror Danjah Feat Mz Bratt & Sadie - I Like You
Roll Deep - Poltergeist (Terror Danjah Remix)
Terror Danjah - Sonar
Terror Danjah - Radar (Statik Remix)
D.O.K - Crazy Beat (Terror Danjah Remix)
Terror Danjah - ??
Admiral Bailey - Jump Up (Terror Danjah Remix)
Terror Danjah fear D Double E - Undeniable
Terror Danjah - Creepy Crawler
D.O.K & Terror Danjah - West Coast
Spooky - Spartan (Terror Danjah Remix)
Terror Danjah - ??
Terror Danjah - ??
Terror Danjah - Jelly Bean
Terror Danjah & Shola Ama - With You
Terror Danjah feat Wiley & Sadie - The One
Terror Danjah feat Meleka & Tinie Tempah - ??
Terror Danjah Feat Shystie, Bruza & Kano - One Wish Remix
Terror Danjah - Nightcrawler 2
Terror Danjah feat Kano & KT - Here To Stay (Skepta Remix)
Kyla - Do You Mind (Terror Danjah Remix)
Terror Danjah feat D Double E & Shola Ama - So Contagious
Terror Danjah - Green Street
Terror Danjah - Stiff
Terror Danjah feat Hyper etc - We Are The Worst
Terror Danjah - Story Ending
Rox - My Baby Left Me (Terror Danjah Remix)
Terror Danjah feat Bruza - Leave Me Alone
Maxsta & Terror Danjah - I Promise
Terror Danjah - Zumpi Hunter RIP
Terror Danjah - Air Bubble (Starkey Remix)
Rude Kid & Terror Danjah - The Best Crawler
Joker & Terror Danjah - Gully Goon Estate
Swindle - Airmiles (Terror Danjah Remix)
Terror Danjah feat Sadie & Kano - So Sure

You can catch all of us DJing together at East Village for free on Wednesday 10th November more information to follow...

This is coming out soon on Butterz. Like we did with Air Bubble we are giving producers the stems to do their own remixes. Re up your versions via Youtube or Soundcloud so I can hear all of them.

Big ups

(Dirty Canvas in 2006)

The original got rejected from a magazine, and I am currently transcribing for a fanzine so I thought I might as well share the audio of the interview with my favourite MC of all time.

P.S You can download our latest Rinse FM podcast here

Been a while since I have posted any Rinse FM shows, and we have had two good ones in a row this week.

First is a cover show from Sunday 9-11 in the legendary Roll Deep slot, and if you havent heard us for a while it is a good catch up show.

In our normal Thursday 1-3am slot we invited Teddy to mix things up a bit, and Spyro passed by in the second hour. A lot of new music, including two remixes of DJ Spookys current banger 'Spartan'.

We also guested at Terror Danjah's Boiler Room Takeover this week alongside Swindle & D.O.K

This week you can catch doing the opening set at FWD>>

We are also back in Glasgow at the end of the month alongside Ben Ufo & Oneman which will be sick, so get down there.

TRC's - Oo Aa Ee vinyls should start floating around within the next couple of weeks so keep your eyes and hears open. You can grab all the previous releases here.
Got to big up SRC for putting this animation together for us, if there are any animators that read this blog that want to get involved, please give me a shout!

There is a lot more to come...