Last nights show from Rinse FM was pretty good, played most off vinyl which was weird and was nearly all instrumental. Sadly, there was an error on the recording, and we only have 30 mins here.

We are playing in Melkweg Amsterdam next month, so if any of you Dutch crew are about, come down it will be fun. Information's here. It's no secret that Grime DJs don't really get many bookings so to be playing abroad is massive for us, hopefully will be the first of many.

This Sunday on Rinse FM there will be a Grime Music debate, hosted by DJ Scratcha with some of the other Grime DJs on Rinse including Vectra, JJ and myself. It will be live 5pm-7pm GMT so it will be good for you lot to get involved on the Rinse FM MSN: I will report back with the podcast and a bit of footage afterwards as well if you can't catch it live.

Ive got 3 weeks left of Uni, then I can bring this blog back to its best.


I keep promising that I'm going to do a proper write up on these compilations. But you just have to hear it to understand. Words cannot describe.

Download Here.

Props to Slackk as usual

It's been a while since we had an official guest mix over here at Butterz! Fellow Rinse FM resident DJ Oneman mixes up old and new Grime for 40 minutes.


Glad FWD>> is now on Rinse FM 11-1am Sundays now, as I get to share with you gems like this. Tubby, Footsie & D Double E going in for an hour Live at Plastic People. If you ever doubted 'Head Get Mangled', after this you will know the levels.

And buy the album if you haven't already, you get all the lyrics in the inlay!

Big up to Matt on the photos!

Straight up 2000 & Grime music from us in the first section, and then a 3 deck mix up. There was a few big errors, but don't let that spoil your enjoyment! Big up the real 3 deck kings they know who they are!

Starkey Feat Durrty Goodz - Gutter Music
Rude Kid & JME - London Town Remix
Griminal - Cant Be
Newham Generals - Mind Is A Gun
Swindle - Roll Deep Rally
Tempa T - Strung Up Hype
Footsie - 3 Plates
Trim - Da Phone Call
Dot Rotton - Ride For Me
Joker - Psychedelic Runway
Calibar Feat Ghetts - Bad Breed
Durrty Goodz - This is what they want
Terror Danjah - Hard Crawler
Royal T - Drop Bombs VIP Remix
Joker - Do It
Double S - Swaggeristic
Lioness - Numero Uno
Newham Generals - Bell Dem Slags
DVA - Bullet A Go Fly
Newham Generals feat Dizzee Rascal - Pepper
*3Deck Mix*

or Via the Rinse Podcast

We are playing @ Egg in Kings Cross Tonight, so if your about, come, its free! Click the image for all the info!

P.S Download Karnage & Riko Jungle Set Here!


Good to be back on Rinse FM after over a month away!

Download the old skool session here.
Stream Here

Tempa T Vs Oddz - Strung Up Hype (Oneman Mash Up)
Oddz - Champion VIP
The Ends - Ends Remix
DPM - Slow
Jammer - Ice Rink 2006
Footsie - Prangman
Wiley - Ice Cream Man
Dexplicit - Hench
Plastician - Badboy Sound
Skepta - Serious Thugs
Kano - What have you done?
Terror Danjah - Nightcrawler
Bossman - Bongo Eyes (Top 10 G.O.A.T.)
Footsie - Showerman Time
J Sweet - Road Angel
J Sweet Kerb
JME - Raptor
Skepta - Meridian Walk
Mondie - Straights
Youngstar - Pulse Xtra
Wiley - Ice Pole Remix
Dizzee Rascal - Street Fighter
Youngstar - Revival
Tinchy Stryder - Underground
Skepta - DTI
Terror Danjah - Creepy Crawler
Trim - Boogeyman
Skepta - Dupps
Alias - Gladiator
Terror Danjah - Frontline Remix
Davinche - Frontline Remix
Rossi B & Luca - In Da Place
Davinche - F Loote
Wiley - Snowflake
Skepta - Pied Piper Remix
Ruff Squad - Tingz In Boots
Wiley - Colder
Young Dot - Bazooka
Rapid - Scrambled Eggs
Youngstar - Bongo
D Double E - Anger Management
*Couldnt help it sorry a couple of new ones*
Newham Generals - Head Get Mangled Dubmix
Dot Rotton - Grime & Bass

I have quite a lot planned this month for the blog so stay tuned. Below is the new Rinse timetable. Good to see FWD>> is going to be on air every week!

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If you have been listening to most of the Grime shows on Rinse for the past 3 months one of the stand out instrumentals has been 1UP; 2009 Grime meets Super Nintendo Mario. The man responsible for this is Royal T, new producer hailing from Southampton.

1UP Megamix

It took me a while to realise you weren't from London, when and what got you into Grime?

I have always been listening to Garage as a kid. I would be stealing my brothers Tape Packs and take them to school on my Walkman. As the sound slowly progressed into Grime, so did my listening. I can't really remember a defining moment when I first listened to Grime, it just gradually happened.

Were you producing around this time? How much later did it come and what influenced you to start?

I don't think I had even heard of Fruityloops at that time. I used to make my own little compilation cassettes of my favourite tunes from those tapes or radio and I used to love drawing and doing art as a kid so I think that's what blended my creative side. I always wanted to be doing something creative and it was when my uncle gave me and my brother a copy of Fruityloops 3 I got an insight to how songs were made. I was always messing around on the program just making random little jingles and when I learned to sample I think the first tune I made was an Ice Rink refix. This was never a serious thing I had in mind but I found making tunes quite addictive and to this day it is all i do.

So what led to you building up your skill to the point that you wanted to share your music with the world? How helpful has Grime Forum been in sharing your music?

A few mates of mine and I started our own little group. It wasn't anything special but around the time my area was just being introduced to Grime so our songs were seen as something new and probably quite original at the time. The songs weren't masterpeices but it was this time I really was making tunes for a reason and the more people started to like them, the more motivated I was to make more. I made a MySpace around that time, seeing people like JME gain a lot of popularity from it so I thought it made sense to join in. I started to browse the RWD forum for a while and it was when GrimeForum started I grew confident enough to show people my music. GrimeForum has definitely helped me out a lot. I'm not exactly sure where I'd be without it as I have met DJ's on there that would later be playing my tunes on stations like Rinse. It was just an easy place where I could get fast feedback for my songs.

How long were you sending the DJs music before they started playing them? What was the first tune of yours that got love before 1UP?

Almost instantly I think. I hadn't really approached any DJ's until a couple DJ's noticed me at first. The first tune that got played on radio was my World War 4 Remix played by you Elijah. It was funny at first as it was being mixed in with a Tinchy Stryder song and I just thought 'Woah'. It's a good feeling knowing your being played. Before 1UP started causing the storm on radio it was my other song entitled 'Mega' that was getting spins. It was played on JJ's Rinse FM show with Jendor as a guest and he duppied it!

A lot of Grime producers are making the change from making tunes for sets to make tunes for mixtapes and albums. Do you set out to make instrumentals that sound good on sets deliberately?

Not living in London makes its hard for me to get vocals done. I think producers in London should count themselves lucky the fact they are living in the heart of Grime. But still taking away nothing from set beats, its what I love making. I prefer making tunes everyone can hear rather than giving the same beat to an MC in hope that he will vocal it and wait months on end for any sort of result. Some producers choose to boost their profile by getting big names on their songs whereas I don't have the same opportunities, so my way around is building a platform for myself to get in those places. It is 10 times harder this way but I have benefited much more and I have learnt what works and what doesn't.

I think the instrumental being out there then the MC choosing the vocal it for their project is a good way to do things, as the instrumental is already proven to work, so it could work in your favour. Rumour has it P Money has vocalled 1UP for his next project, how did that come about?

It's true and the vocal will feature on his next CD. When I finished making the tune I had P Money in mind for the vocal so I asked Blacks to send it to him and the rest is history. It was one of DJ Smallz's shows which I think he first heard it and he had the tune playing for 10 minutes straight. Be prepared because of what I have heard of it, he has done the beats its justice.

The instrumental release is via No Hats No Hoods, how did that come about?

It was DJ Magic's idea. I was looking to release 1UP and perfect timing Magic approached me about possibly making an EP so it started from there. I know that Rude Kid released on No Hats aswell and he has prospered from this so i'm hoping i can benefit too. Expect it being released within the next couple of months as there is also going to be heard and unheard tunes of mine alongside 1UP.

Any last shouts?

Big up all the DJ's and artists supporting me right now and to the people that will be buying my EP. 1UP Or Shatup!

Here's an MP3 of the Youtube clip.