Too Easy

Couple things i'm bored with right now.

  • The Term "Politics"
  • UK Funky vocals. The instrumentals are cool, theres a lot of good tunes out there right now. Made by loads of grime people but hey, some of the singing is worse then bassline vocals.
  • People taking my idea, and not giving me credit here.
  • DJs not being up to date in the clubs. At chockablock, barely heard any 2008 grime music. Only 2008 tunes I remember where Rolex Sweep, Whos Got? and Mountain. There has been enough music out to play a good set of 2007/2008 and unreleased grime. Hearing 06/07 certified hits is not doing it for me.
  • People sending me music that you can't play in a club. Im not into grime ballads or story telling, I can appreciate it, but if it ain't sitting well next to UFO, WW4, The Best, Stay Down The Road instrumentals it's a par for you.
  • Reading press releases written by fucking idiots. If you want to get a PR company to push your stuff, check all the collateral BEFORE it is sent out. I got a classic recently with the ARTISTS NAME spelled incorrectly. Bloody interns eh. Who gave you my personal email anyway.
On to the Grime, and who better to start with then Lemon Artist aka todays average grime fan. Forward it to 3.32

Plastician Rinse 06
If this is anything on par, or better then the May Mixes, then it is must buy.

1 Flying Dagger - Plastician
2 Thugged Out 9 - Darkstar
3 Fick - Skream
4 3K Lane - Jakes & Joker
5 Guilty (Plastician Remix) - Kosheen
6 Humans - Crissy Criss
7 Wreckage - Maniac
8 Trigger Finger - Benny Page & Zero G
9 Digidesign - Joker
10 The Clouds - Plastician
11 10 Bit Dreamz - Skream
12 Three Crowns - Maniac
13 Fackin Ell - Crissy Criss
14 Starboy - DJ Narrows
15 Age Of Dub - Ed Solo
16 Pushkin - Plastician
17 Headrush - K Rio
18 Examination Of Time VIP - Babylon System
19 Step Out VIP - Benny Page
20 Modem - Jakes
21 Beneath Your Blouse - Sukh Knight
22 Filth - Skream
23 Soap Dodger - Crissy Criss
24 Coco Butter - Crissy Criss
25Walk In The Carpark - Plastician
26 Thoughts (Japan) - Plastician feat. Unkle Sam

*Props to Maniac*
Tinie Tempah - Tears

Two videos ending in car accidents. Talk about tempting fate. Thankfully the rest of the video isn't a car crash, it is a top notch video. Davinche on production helps as well.

Newham Generals Show Featured Dizzee Rascal on Sunday, always a good listen, DJ Dan on decks. Download HERE.

Heres what it could of looked like in the studio. Without Annie Mac

Last but not least.

Don't you just love green screen.


P.S don't try and book butterz to play anything other then grime.


  1. Dane 19 August 2008 at 13:59

    Flow Dan duppied the dance with his verse, videos good too.

  2. Hoxton Youth Council 19 August 2008 at 22:14

    cool vids man. If you get the chance, come check out the pic of From Beyond The Rave !

  3. Hoxton Youth Council 20 August 2008 at 20:11

    I love "average grime fan"'s Banksy Locations Poster. Ahhhhhh

  4. Anonymous 20 August 2008 at 21:41

    easily the best blogger in grime... Hyperdave is rubbish!