Crap Articles on Grime Vol.4


I don't know where to start with this prat really. This person openly admitted to being a retard in my opinion. The Sun must of been laughing their heads of when "one of our own' wrote something so stupid about Grime music and recent black history. If a white guy wrote this, everyone would be playing the race card, but because it is a well educated black DJ who works for the BBC it is FACT. I bet he voted Boris.

The basis of the article is him listening to 12 hours of Grime music straight. What could he of been listening to for 12 hours straight? Where did he get all this music from, what was the point in listening to something you already don't like and are fully aware of the violent content. What does it prove? He boasts' after listening to this hybrid of hip-hop and garage music (he probably got that from wikipedia), I wanted to kill someone'. Don't worry people, he wouldn't because 'doesn't have a violent nature'. So, it would only make you want to kill someone if you ALREADY had a violent nature then? Ok, stupid still, but lets look further at the inaccuracies (fucking stupidity more like) of the rest of the article.

'Parents worry about the music their kids listen to, particularly the lyrics of rap and grime music.' - Mate, your 40 something yea, theres parents in their 20's right now that turned out fine, and they were listening to NWA, 2Pac and other 'Gangster' rappers in their youth, why would they have a reason to worry about a music if they are listening to it themselves? The violent demises of the high profile gangster rappers is enough to warn most sensible people not to get involved with Guns and Drugs I think.

"Chief superintendent Leroy Logan, one of the most senior black officers in the Met police, reckons there isn’t enough love in music kids listen too and that a constant diet of violent lyrics isn’t healthy." I think the sexual content in music people listen to from a young age is more prominent then violence in music that the youth listen to. There is no parental advisory sticker on a Sugababes album, but there are adult topics masked throughout all their songs and videos. Who has seen the video for Push The Button? Anyway what does Leroy Logan know about what kids are listening to, is he a secondary school teacher? Is he a social worker, no, he is a senior Police Officer with his head in paper work his finger in his ass. Come out of that office and talk to us 'kids', 48 year old Dotun don't know shit.

Here is the Superintendent/ Music Critic. Nice Shirt!

" After Bob Marley died in 1981, black music started becoming aggressive." Around the same time Crack Cocaine emerged. Coincidence?

The article continues with similar crap, but it offers no suggestions for change. It doesn't even hint at banning the music, he just says he is off to a rave to listen to some lovers rock. The overall solution for me would be sectioning this man under the mental health act, because if he gets exposed to grime music again he could be a danger to society.