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I am a Grime fan, DJ secondly. I got into Grime DJing because the material that I liked only came out on vinyl, and I never got into most of the mixtapes that came out. I am not into a lot of vocal stuff either, beats always come first.

I don't, won't, can't do anything that I am involved in this music scene solely for money. I knew when I started to get more involved, that I wouldn't get many bookings, I also knew I would have many doors closed to me, just because of the perception of the music. I don't give a shit about conforming, or acceptance.

I could give a flying fuck about what the music is called to be honest. Doesn't matter to me, it's called Grime, the music's good, and you can't get anything else like this ANYWHERE in the world. Trust me. When people stop making good music, I will stop playing it and probably quit DJing, I have no motivation to play anything else. Since this isn't going to happen any time soon, I will continue what I'm doing.

I don't give a shit how much a song sells, as long as its good and its Grime music, I will support it. There are Grime artists in the charts with music that is not Grime. This is fine, it's brilliant, im happy for them. I want everyone to be successful at what they do. All I ask is that they put Grime on their B Sides, and continue contributing to the scene, whether thats appearing on your crews tunes, bringing other acts on your tours, or even making Grime CDs for the underground. As long as this is happening, I have no problem with it.

I am not going to pretend that everything is rosy, but it's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

I am finishing my degree in 3 weeks, so I plan to get a job that allows me to have enough time to do Grime, and I will do what I think will push the scene forward.



  1. grill 4 May 2009 at 04:04

    thanks man. I am really glad that this music makes people so passionate. That's what makes me obsessed with this music from halfway around the world.

  2. Broadband 4 May 2009 at 17:33

    Keep doing what you do best, rewards are rarely in the form of money anyway.

  3. justin 10 May 2009 at 18:17

    keep doin ya thing man, nuf respect!

  4. justin 10 May 2009 at 18:22

    keep doin ya thing g. nuf respect.

  5. SClear 13 May 2009 at 10:05

    Just downloading the Grime debate now... from your response sounds like its going to be a bit negative??