This will sum up some of the things that frustrate me most in this scene.

Vol.1: The Music Video

The Top 5 Errors people make when doing a music video.

1. Has a music video ever been in time with a products release? That is why artists from other scenes do music videos, to promote the product you will be able to buy. I remember Top 3 Selected Video coming out long after Ghetto Gospel was out, or videos for tunes coming out, then a year later the song coming out on a mix cd (if your lucky). Imagine if a music video came out at the start of the month, to promote the upcoming release from that artist, and a month or so later, the product was in stores, and on iTunes there for people to purchase. Crazy idea, but I think it is worth a try.

2. Choosing the wrong songs for videos. Your music video should be your biggest tune, the one you want everyone to know and the tune that will take you to another level. Normally this is the hype song, or the peoples favourites in the clubs or on radio. 9/10 people choose the wrong song for their videos, think Wiley's 50/50 & My Mistakes and Tinchy Stryders Breathe.

3. The outlets for these music videos on television is only really Channel U. You might get C list on Base as well, but count everything else out. Even saying that, it may get played on Channel U for a week or so, and then they will go back to playing N Dubz and whoever else is paying £500 for power play. Is it really worth the hassle? Putting only a preview up on Youtube is a par, you lot should be feeding Youtube with good content, as more people have access to that then Channel U believe it or not!

4. The amount of money some of you lot spend on your videos is criminal. Why would you spend £4,000 on a video when you haven't invested that into your actual music. The balance isn't there. It is even worse when the song isn't for sale, as you will never get that money back. It is a gross waste of money. Could do something good for £300 and bang it on Youtube, and most of the time it will have the same effect. Especially if the tune is a "hood smash" Look at what Giggs has done with "Track 9". Actually Dizzee is at number 1 right now with a video that cost under £4,000.

5. The most frustrating thing of all, is most are crap. Recurring themes, same free adidas tracksuits, poorly constructed graphics on Green Screens. How bad was Lethal B's Uh Oh and Wiley's Gangsters? There are not many music videos I rate. But to end on a positive note here are my all time favourites in no order:

Crazy Titch - I Can See You
Lethal B - Forward Riddim (Original)
Jammer - Murkle Man
Skepta - In A Corner
Bear Man - Drinking Beer
Bruza, Demon, Kano, D Double E - Get Out Of My House
Wiley - Wot Do You Call It
Bruza - Get Me