First of all how did you generate this much interest in an instrumental vinyl EP? Grime vinyl is basically non existent and you've promoted this better then a lot of people promote their mixtapes!

Basically, I wanted to release a vinyl because I ain't had any thing out yet and 'cause I'm getting love from the scene rite now I thought it was time to release something official. I hollard at magic from no hats no hoods and he was on it..and since way back when I started producing I always wanted to have something out on vinyl..and yeh man its being promoted very well as well.

Is it going to be available for digital release for the people that aren't vinyl junkies?

Yeah its gonna be on iTunes because the EP is basically nearly sold out.. and people still want it so were gonna put it on iTunes and other download places now..well in a few weeks still..

So is that going to be the first of many, or are you going to shift your focus to getting vocals done?

I am gonna release more because I think there is still a market for vinyls out there.. and hopefully more producers will start releasing on vinyl den it will come back lol who knows?
But yeah man rite now I got alot of big projects with artists lined up so I'm concentrating on that.. my big release will be a mixtape/album of all my beats with different artists..that's gonna be my main focus towards the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009.

Apparently there is an electro version of Sing for me floating, can you shed more light on that?

There is a Electro version of Sing for me that I produced.. Thats for the labels but I think that one will be a definite hit.. Me & Ghetto have something coming for alot of people!

Whats your view on remixing other peoples instrumentals, it seems to have died in grime!

Remixing is alright as long as you get permission of the producer otherwise I think thats dead.. but I remember before there was bare bootlegs/remixes.. I think now people just want to hear different tunes, and not 500 remixes of 1 tune..

So you haven't had offers of dubstep or bassline remixes for "The Best"

The only person I know off that's doing a remix is Sukh Knight from True Tiger, it should be out soon.

Are you going to be releasing tunes that aren't grime as well?

Yeah I'm a producer I love experimenting with different style of genres

Right now I'm on a electro/funky ting a few slow/melo tunes for singers as well..

I made that So Nice tune for Ironik that did well even though that weren't grime..but for people that love them sort of beats its was sick.. I want to work with different artists who do different music as me that just helps me get better and learn new styles on how to produce.

So is grime the priority right now?

Corse! Grime will always be there for me what ever I do... I will never stop making it..

Finally back on to the vocal project you mentioned what names can we expect on there?

The vocal project is going to be alot.. basically I don't really know the names yet..Im going to make all the beats first then think who will sound the best on each tune.. I want to have some big collabs on there..with people who don't usually work together..I know bare producers do these CD's but I want to make mine different..I'm definitely going to work hard on this CD.. Like by the time I'm ready to start it I will probably get to know better MC's/singers.. That's why I'm not saying any names! Just in case your thinking "par".. Don't worry Elijah I will let you know once the list is there an my plan is done.

Any final shout outs...

Basically big up all the DJs supporting my music, Logan, Westwood, Maximum, DVA, Spyro everyone because that means alot.. also all the people who listen to my beats and promote me thank you... Big up the people who always give positive feedback which just helps be do better.. Look out for Alien Muzik that's my team your going to be hearing alot. And finally big up Elijah for the interview and Grimeforum!! Dun Kno!

Rude Kid & Lil Nasty - Westwood

I haven't done a competition on here before, because I'm a stingy bastard. But today's your lucky day. All you have to do is answer this simple question: Who has the official vocal to the Rude Kid beat "The Best". Answers on a postcard to

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