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Grime Scene!

Spyro b2b Maximum feat JME, Skepta, Tempa T, Frisco, Blacks, P Money, Jammer, Badness and more.
I don't really need to say much about this, usual hype stuff. Spyro's last set at 7-9 Saturday, from next week he is at 3-5 on Sundays. If you want more grimey stuff from Rinse check the podcast here.

For a dose of nostalgia check out "One tape a day" downloads for your ipod. Personal highlight for me is Karnage b2b Slimzee with D Double and co.

I ain't been writing much this year, so if you actually want to read about Grime check out some of my latest stuff from Fact Magazine, along with some other great peoples writings here.

Video of the week has got to be this from Tempz & Chronik.

Westwood Mix

Download Here

Couple errors, but tunes from the usual guys, Joker, Terror Danjah, Loudmouth, DVA, Royal T, etc. Taken from 1xtra's DJ Special. Check out JJ & Silencers mixes here.

And finally, my first vlog. I promise they will get better. This one is kinda swag. See you soon.

Historic - Swindle, JJ & Silencer on the show. Too much new heavy grime music. Don't sleep on Silencers beats this year. Dont sleep on Swindles either, they both have instrumental discs out in March so keep your ears and eyes peeled.

Download the show here. The final cover for Vectra is again next week Friday 11pm-1am it will be another epic show.

And us man are on Westwoods 1xtra show this Sunday - 10 - 12 for a DJ special. Catch the rip here.

First time on radio for a while, it was quite a good one. Terror Danjah passed through in the second hour to showcase Hardrive 2 and talk about some of his other side projects.

Tempa T - Next Hype
Tempa T - Next Hype Remix
Royal T - 1UP
Royal T - 1UP (Supersonic Butterz Mix)
DVA - Nasty Nasty Nasty (Sukh Knight Remix)
Ghetto Feat Griminal - Dont Phone Me
TC - Wheres My Money (Caspa Remix)
P Money - Grime Scene
Nocturnal - Stop
Durrty Goodz - Grime Killers
Tinchy Stryder Feat Fuda Guy - No Cape
Tinchy Stryder Feat Delusion - Rolling
Joker - Runway
Joker - Do It
Ghetts & Rapid - One Way Road
Ruff Squad - Bring Your Click
Maniac - Thug
Nocturnal - For You
Terror Danjah - Zumpi Hunter (Swindle Remix)

*Terror Danjah Interview*

Hard Drive 2 Showcase

Bruza Feat Dr Venom - Where Do I Go
Griminal - Cant Be
Mz Bratt - Who Do You Fink UR
Badness Feat Mz Bratt - Get Up
Random Impulse - Live O
One 4 One - Not 1 Bit
Dot Rotton - Ride For Me
Calibur feat Ghetts - Bad Breed
Sway - Music & I

JME - Juju Riddim
Skepta - Sunglasses At Night
Wiley Feat Ghetto & Kano - She Glowing
Estelle - Come Over (DVA Remix)
Jeeday Jawz - Boom Boom Clap Clap

Aftershock Appreciation Mix
Terror Danjah - Creepy Crawler
Terror Danjah - Piano Madness
Terror Danjah - Unknown
Terror Danjah & Skepta - Here To Stay Remix
Crazy Titch - I Can See You
D Double E - Frontline
Footsie - Frontline
Terror Danjah - Cock Back
Terror Danjah - Cock Back Remix
Skepta - Meridian Walk

I hate to bring up old shit, but this article written by Logan Sama in May 2007 for RWD still stands. Durrty Goodz went on cameos show this week, and said Logan's Grime tees are one of the Grime Killers. Here's the interview

"Grime is dead. Didn't you know? I have heard it said in a couple of interviews by non-grime artists. I've read it on a couple blogs. Heard it from DJ's that used to play Grime.

Yeh man, I agree. It is dead. If you are looking to jump on a grime tune or do a track with Grime artists to get a little hype for yourself and your career, it's dead for you. If you are a major label looking to cherry pick the most exciting UK urban acts and repackage them into watered down pop friendly parcels with music that sounds NOTHING like what we do down here in the grime scene, it's dead for you. If you are looking to rinse out the scene for money and then fuck off without ever investing in grass roots, it's dead for you.

If you are looking to use the scene to get a name for your productions so you can run away and do pop, RnB and Hip Hop tunes and develop 'artists', it's dead for you.

If you don't actually give a shit about Grime and would stop doing it if you thought you couldn't get paid from it...... please believe it is dead for you. Kindly leave out the side door and we won't say anything about it. The rest of us can get on with what we have always done and continue to make Grime. Some of the most exciting innovative music which gives voice to a disaffected, troubled generation of Britain's youth. And we all love it. But if the people who want to use it think that it is dead, that's fucking wonderful in my eyes.

More independent labels, more DIY attitudes from artists like JME, more power and control over our sound and how we promote it to the world. Less pressure to show how versatile we are by doing derogative dull hip hop freestyles that no one actually cares about. More appreciation of artists who can sit down and pen a song about something touching without having to compromise the genre of music they do because they don't have the belief in it. More people being proud to stand up and say "I am a Grime artist" even when they are voicing a dancehall, hip hop or pop record.

Doing something different and unique is the only sure fire way of getting noticed. When everyone is going one way, the pioneers go the opposite. And if you want to follow the heard into the promised land of obscurity amongst the herds or Hip Hop and House and Pop acts who will never be the kings of their field, then that side door is still open for you to exit stage left.

Masters at Work, Dave Morales, Roger Sanchez. They will never care about you or your house music. Jay Z, Nas, 50 Cent... they will never care about your Hip Hop. Unless you do it for the love, be prepared to join a very long list of people trying to make it in that scene all scrambling for money. Crumbs off the table of giants in that industry. I respect al the artists who do it for the love. If you love Hip hop, more power to you for making it. If you love house, respect for sticking with it. If you are in this shit to make money, and you bounce round whatever scene you think will get you paid, tough luck.

But yeh. Grime is dead. If you don't love it, don't try and make it. Don't try and get into it. There's no money for you here. Piss off. We'll keep it our secret until such time that we are ready to bring it to the wider world on our own terms. When it will get played on daytime radio as it is, without having to sample 80s pop records or bring in someone else to give it credibility to middle of the road out of touch playlist execs.

In fact, I might even put that on a T shirt. Grime is dead. Fuck off and leave it alone. There's nothing here for you to exploit. Bye"

The same still applies now. There's even 2009 examples of a few of the statements made, it's spooky.

Buy your Grime is Dead t shirts here.


Easy, its been a while.

I came across this blog hating on one of my favourite acts Newham Generals. So this is kind of a Newham Gens appreciation post. Click here to read the blog, and the comments, it is actually funny.

The video in question is Bell Dem Slags. It is a humorous exaggeration of a situation bachelors can get into. If you didn't know, some people have casual sex regularly and the song and video just captures this in a harmless way.

The official video is called "Head Get Mangled" and is a "prodigy" style re working of the classic DEE lyrics. I am still unsure about the tune, but it is a better direction to go for them then the electro hit single. Check out what the Grime Forum think of it here.

Download Tubby & Footsie from Sunday Night Here. (A lot of new music)

Spyro's Rinse 07 launch party was last night at FWD. Badness, Jammer and the Newham Generals came through, this was the result. (No fancy editing, just 12 mins of footage)

So, when's the album out?

In other news

Check out this Durrty Goodz tune which I feature on. It is taken from the Ultrasound CD which is out now. Buy it here.

*Update* The whole radio show the Grime Killers audio was taken from featuring Dotun, Logan Sama, Twin B & Bashy. Download here.

I did an interview with Spyro for Fact Magazine; check that out here.

Got a few bits coming later on in the week, so stay tuned.


2000 & Grime
Logan Feat Durrty Goodz
JJ Feat Badness, Tempa T, P Money, Rage, Blacks
Westwood DJ Special
Vectra Feat Dizzle Kid & Badness
Logan Feat Cold Blooded