Sparked up by this debate on the Grime Forum we decided to have a little mix up with some of the producers that have been sending us some quality tunes for a while. It is likely that I will feature them here in the near future, when they have releases planned. But for now, check out their music, let me know what you think, and if you would like to send tracks in, please do by emailing me -

P Money - 1UP
Lethal Bizzle - Dont Run Up
Skepta - Gingerbread Man
Terror Danjah - Sidechain
Maniac - Boiler
Rude Kid - Exist 2
OG'z - Passing Thru
Fumin - Just Realised
Wiley - I was like you
DVA - Kill alla Dem VIP
Newham Generals - Murked Again
Griminal - Cant Be
Skepta - O My Days
Sharky Major - Shark Attack
Dot Rotten - Ride for me
Ghetts & Rapid - One Way Road
Wiley - Wheres My Brother
J2k - Over There
Mz Bratt - I like you

*New producer showcase*

SRC - Gold Coins
Desto - Aquanaut
SNK - Break In
Sandman - Checkstation
General Tank - Past to the present
Moony - Double ?
SRC - Oi Oi
Mr Mitch - Hollywood
Santino - Smackhead
Scope - 5,000 volts
SNK - Writers Block
Moony - One2One
???? - ????
Krimzon Productions - Judgement Day
Mr Mitch - Jailhouse
Myrikal - ????
General Tank - ????
Scope - Critical State
SRC - Hymarono

Swindle - With You
Footsie - Tetsuyas Theme
Silencer - Wizard
Terror Danjah - Radar
Maniac - Captain
Terror Danjah - Nightcrawler 2
JME - Computer Girls
Rude Kid & Terror Danjah - The Best Crawler

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