Seven months in all that 2008 is mine talk is dead. People are just going to sit until November then talk about 2009 being theres.

Certain guys been talking about their projects since I was doing my A Levels. Now I am going into final year of University and not a peep.

Big up everyone whos just come outa nowhere in the last two years and just done this thing.

If certain guys don't come out with something this year, they are dead forever.

Rant Done!

Other Notes

Playing at Chockablock 15th August again. If you heard the last two sets there then you know what time it is. Giggs is going to be there. So bring your smiles and bulletproof vests.

ClickHere for my Telegraph blog page. Im going to drop something up on there later on in the week. I am going to post a couple of more "serious" articles up there over the summer, when the most crap is normally written in general media, as everyone is writing articles outdoors on their laptops. Yesterday the Mirror called Neon Hitch a grime artist, I nearly choked. She even choked as well, but im sure this a regular occurance for her anyway check her blog about it here.

And finally. This is a bit nang init.


Download the video here
You can watch it back on video ipods, cant say I dont give away stuff for free eh.
It's kinda nang. This was filmed on my handheld Casio photo camera, sound quality is nice.

Features D Double E, Jammer, C Gritz & special guest Skepta. No show for Pres T which is a shame. Big up Skilliam for the I Can CU Stageshow Mix. *Not featured in this vid ha*

Skilliam b2b Vectra.

"Edited" By Elijah

Coming to the big screen soon.

Other stuff I just want to mention to save pointless blogging.
  • Rapid has a track with Kano called Its War. I don't know if its new or old. But its better then Hustler.
  • Whoever email/msns me asking where to get a BBK tropical t shirt from now on, will get back free some Vengaboys music.
  • The winner of the Rude Kid EP was Sawan Jethwa the other people that emailed me, send me your addresses and I will send you some free crap I have accumulated since my details were given to Labels.
  • Silencers WOW BASS EP gonna be out in a minute. The advert alone is pretty entertaining. Check it:
  • All you fiends looking for the latest free downloads CLICK HERE. Props to LW as usual


Someone emailed me, and asked why I blogged about Wileys summer time song, theres a much better one Summertime on Channel U, so in all fairness I thought I would post it up so you can listen too.

Big up Fugative

I thought this would be a cover of Shaggys In The Summer Time when Wiley first announced it on RWD Forum a week or so ago. Thankfully its not. Its a cover of Daft Punk. Is this good? Dunno. Who cares. If it charts, money in the bank. That IS the point of making music isn't it?!

Download Here

Or Listen Here

Kinda went back on his bold statement from the tune Grime Kid. But at least somebody is trying to keep it moving. Get one of these. Take pictures of your granny wearing it and put it on Myspace, if you still have one.

Image Hosted by

This will be my last blog with this current skin. Goodbye Minama Dark! New layout tomorow.

First of all how did you generate this much interest in an instrumental vinyl EP? Grime vinyl is basically non existent and you've promoted this better then a lot of people promote their mixtapes!

Basically, I wanted to release a vinyl because I ain't had any thing out yet and 'cause I'm getting love from the scene rite now I thought it was time to release something official. I hollard at magic from no hats no hoods and he was on it..and since way back when I started producing I always wanted to have something out on vinyl..and yeh man its being promoted very well as well.

Is it going to be available for digital release for the people that aren't vinyl junkies?

Yeah its gonna be on iTunes because the EP is basically nearly sold out.. and people still want it so were gonna put it on iTunes and other download places now..well in a few weeks still..

So is that going to be the first of many, or are you going to shift your focus to getting vocals done?

I am gonna release more because I think there is still a market for vinyls out there.. and hopefully more producers will start releasing on vinyl den it will come back lol who knows?
But yeah man rite now I got alot of big projects with artists lined up so I'm concentrating on that.. my big release will be a mixtape/album of all my beats with different artists..that's gonna be my main focus towards the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009.

Apparently there is an electro version of Sing for me floating, can you shed more light on that?

There is a Electro version of Sing for me that I produced.. Thats for the labels but I think that one will be a definite hit.. Me & Ghetto have something coming for alot of people!

Whats your view on remixing other peoples instrumentals, it seems to have died in grime!

Remixing is alright as long as you get permission of the producer otherwise I think thats dead.. but I remember before there was bare bootlegs/remixes.. I think now people just want to hear different tunes, and not 500 remixes of 1 tune..

So you haven't had offers of dubstep or bassline remixes for "The Best"

The only person I know off that's doing a remix is Sukh Knight from True Tiger, it should be out soon.

Are you going to be releasing tunes that aren't grime as well?

Yeah I'm a producer I love experimenting with different style of genres

Right now I'm on a electro/funky ting a few slow/melo tunes for singers as well..

I made that So Nice tune for Ironik that did well even though that weren't grime..but for people that love them sort of beats its was sick.. I want to work with different artists who do different music as me that just helps me get better and learn new styles on how to produce.

So is grime the priority right now?

Corse! Grime will always be there for me what ever I do... I will never stop making it..

Finally back on to the vocal project you mentioned what names can we expect on there?

The vocal project is going to be alot.. basically I don't really know the names yet..Im going to make all the beats first then think who will sound the best on each tune.. I want to have some big collabs on there..with people who don't usually work together..I know bare producers do these CD's but I want to make mine different..I'm definitely going to work hard on this CD.. Like by the time I'm ready to start it I will probably get to know better MC's/singers.. That's why I'm not saying any names! Just in case your thinking "par".. Don't worry Elijah I will let you know once the list is there an my plan is done.

Any final shout outs...

Basically big up all the DJs supporting my music, Logan, Westwood, Maximum, DVA, Spyro everyone because that means alot.. also all the people who listen to my beats and promote me thank you... Big up the people who always give positive feedback which just helps be do better.. Look out for Alien Muzik that's my team your going to be hearing alot. And finally big up Elijah for the interview and Grimeforum!! Dun Kno!

Rude Kid & Lil Nasty - Westwood

I haven't done a competition on here before, because I'm a stingy bastard. But today's your lucky day. All you have to do is answer this simple question: Who has the official vocal to the Rude Kid beat "The Best". Answers on a postcard to

O yeah the prize. A copy of the Are You Ready EP courtesy of
Winner will be picked at random, and I will send some other people with funny emails some free shit.

Getting in from Casino last night spotted this on Flava on Sky Digital. A channel worse then Channel U.

I think it proves two things, that Lethal is insane, and that somebody actually reads this blog.

Jmes Famous? is out tomorrow. Buy it. Its going to be everywhere, I saw them putting it out when I was leaving Aldi at closing time today.
Also pick up Ghettos - Fuck Radio DVD which looks pretty gully, what was the last Grime DVD anyway?

Anyway Ill leave you lot to get on with watching Songs of Praise.


Butterz Volume Two

Wiley accompanied by the worst Rolex Sweepers of all time!

Lethal B performing classic hip hop songs and his own

Kano was there as well but..

LinkA portion taken from The Pirates Dilemma by Matt Mason (Former Editor of RWD). I know you children don't read much, but try and read this.

"But it wasn’t to be. A few MCs from the scene crossed over to mainstream success, but you can count them on one hand—Dizzee was by far the most successful. The media attention was too much, too soon. Grime was pigeonholed as antisocial and violent. The harsh picture of street life painted by MCs quickly painted the entire scene into a corner. It lived fast and died young like punk, but stayed intangible as a commercial entity. Record companies couldn’t work out how to sell it, and commercial radio didn’t want to play it; it was “too urban,” they said. U.S. R&B divas and manufactured bands put together by reality
TV shows were much safer bets. Some artists had reasonable album sales, but reasonable was no longer cutting it at the majors.

By late 2005, interest in grime was dwindling in the mainstream press; even Dizzee was distancing himself as he became a bigger artist, and it became increasingly clear he might outlive the scene that birthed him. “People couldn’t make up their minds anyway, from ‘I Luv U,’ saying, ‘Wass this? Wass dat?’” he said to me in defense that year.
“People are scared of adjusting. That’s why I don’t like to attach myself to one scene no more, ’cos people can’t make up their minds.” The next time I saw him was at a party thrown for him by Nike, celebrating the release of his own limited-edition brand of Dizzee Rascal/Nike sneakers. Dizzee was now a millionaire and a household name. He decided to move on.

The mainstream media was thoroughly bored of grime by 2006, and had moved on, too. On the underground it began to sound past its sell-by date and the scene began to split into even smaller ones. Many fans and pirate DJs migrated to a new strain of the funky house scene that was taking shape, or to the emerging nu-rave scene, or to grime’s more cerebral cousin, a bass heavy nano culture known as dubstep. Grime seemed to rise and fall inside of three years. It was a flash in the pan like punk, but in a world where the media are fragmented into millions of pieces, it’s hard to build consensus and a commercial after- life around a scene the way punk did. Youth culture is now disposable. Hip-hop in the United States is championing a shiny new local interpretation of itself every month, while a hot new rock band arrives every week as last week’s heads for the stage door. What has changed is the amount of choices we have. We have so much music available to us, the sample size is too large—it’s impossible to observe change. Youth culture can no longer rebel against the status quo in music, because there isn’t one.

Despite the backlash, grime survives, though only just. New artists continue to emerge, but remain off the mainstream grid. It is part of music’s more democratic model that exists without the major institutions. Many of the scenes most respected artists have formed loose knit networks of their own within grime, such as the Boy Better Know collective, producing their own albums and merchandise with no relationship to the majors, or the mainstream, at all. The niche market grime relies on is small, but the network at its disposal is global. Its message travels through forums and MP3 files—artists are booked to play all over the world because of Internet portals such as MySpace. It has a worldwide fan base; mainstream hip-hop artists including Jay-Z, LL Cool J, and Lil Jon have all acknowledged it."

The books out in shops now, the rest ain't Grime, but you can put it in a Grime context. Its a heavy read. Big up Matt

Check out more of his stuff on Download the book (PDF) HERE

Please, we need at least one good one this year. These weren't exactly the best products, but most had choice moments, the mix cds that came with a lot helped as well, giving people a mixture of tunes that people may not have bought on their own. Fuck Radio DVD will be here in a couple weeks, HOPEFULLY that will be as entertaining as bits like this.

Crazy Titch - Thrown of the plane

Escobar - Practice Hours 2 Freestyle

Prez T - Practice Hours 2 Freestyle

Wiley Vs Lethal

Movement @ Straight Outta Bethnal