Wow Bass Level 1 is your first Vinyl and Digital Release, how did you choose these tracks for the EP?
I realised that them tunes were getting a lot of airplay and I liked them personally so I decided that those tracks are going on my first vinyl release.

Have there been any official vocals of these tunes? As the whole EP is instrumental.

Yeah there are but we will just have to wait and see because they may not get released. Lets just pray Butterz!

How important has your Rinse.FM show been in promoting yourself as a DJ?

It's very important because without radios no DJ will have promotion, radio stations get you bookings. I think me being on Rinse has given me the chance to promote 'Wow Bass Level 1' (Adverts and plugging) so radio is important. I first touched down on Rinse.FM in June 2007 and my fan base wasn't really there then a year later a lot of people know about Silencer.

What do you think Grime DJs should be doing to push the scene right now?

Work together because i'm realising that every DJ is out there for themselves they don't care about no one but themselves but lets just see if people take i what i say seriously. radio shows, bookings, tunes, just respect each other also.

Underground Unit are your crew, you have a couple of videos floating about tell us a bit more about them.
We have done all this grime stuff already a lot of people know we can do it we just taught ourselves to do things differently. Sticking to one genre isn't going to get a lot of money in your pocket. Now we have tunes like poison that's like a sweet boy tune in a different way not just obvious lyrics like ' your my sunshine and my everything!'. We are working on a album but we are really taking our time to make it really professionally. For instance if we are making a track and if it needs a person to play instruments into it then we will do that. It's all about making your album worth buying not just simple tracks with a kick and a snare and a bit of melody.

What tunes are you planning to release for Wow Bass Level 2?

It's going to be very powerful no producer is going to touch this Level 2. There's no point using the word 'level' if you can't up your game on the production every time you bring out new music. that's why I take time thinking about the names I use for CDs and vinyl.

Would you do a producer mixtape project where you get big MCs to vocal your beats?

Im working on that right now but im not going to update anyone until it's finished then im going to plug it like crazy on radio and internet.

Any Final Words Silencer?

Wow bass Level 1 out now in all good record stores and on download (Itunes, 7 Digital, Napster Etc) on 1st september never stop what you do musically if you love it.

Buy Wow Bass from Uptown HERE.