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My Visiting Butterz on a Sunday series is basically for people who want something to look at or listen to on a Sunday who are bored out of their brains. Previously I have posted audio sets from Wiley & the old Nasty Crew. This one is more recent from JME & Skepta from Glastonbury. Classic performance. Only part one, but you can find the rest on youtube.

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Big up Skilliam (Tag Champ)

I caught up with Ex Fire Camp member Fumin and we spoke about 2007, mixtapes, production, Channel U and crews.

Elijah: At the top of the year we always set new goals but I thought the best way would be to start with reflecting back on 2007.

Fumin: 2007 for me as an artist was slow to begin with, I was caught up in loads of politics, but then I got out of that, and got Paid In Full Volume 1 the mix CD out there. I basically had to get myself out there networking for myself, talking to DJs producers and other talents again to get myself back in the mix. Towards the end I put out the video Sidetracked and got big feedback from all over.

Fumin: 2007 for the game, was interesting, everyone at all levels came out, and did ok. The stuff I was feeling was Top 3 Selected, Black Boys, Pussyole and Sidetracked. 2007 was year of the mixtape, there aren't really any raves, radios not really there, all thats left is the booth, so everyone who's on it went in. Hopefully in 08 shows and radio will pick up, because it all helps the mixtape sales.

Elijah: What are your plans for 08?

Fumin: Paid In Full Volume 2. Its got both Hip Hop & Grime, I can do both, so thats what I'm selling. Some people in the game can do one well, and not the other, but I can do both to a high level. Production wise Ive got Lewi White, Crissy Criss, Dexplicit and my new guy Dialtone. I done a tune with Wiley & Ice Kid with Wiley on production as well.

Elijah: You say you have got hip hop and Grime on the CD, do you think MCs should put out separate products for Grime and Hip Hop stuff? A lot of Grime fans were disappointed with some of the 2007 releases because it wasn't the balance they expected..

Fumin: Way I see it, is when your buying someones CD your buying into them. Its not like buying a funky house mixtape then hearing Hip Hop on it, theres no false advertising. I do both, because I'm versatile and I like both genres.

Elijah: Staying with Paid In Full 2, how do you plan to distribute it? There aren't many places these days.

Fumin: Your right, when I was putting out Paid In Full first time round, I went to the London stores in like one day. There aren't many places but the online ones are really coming through because they allow people from all over to support us. Im going to try get it stocked in more stores outside London to get them on board.

What doesn't help is the shoddy product a lot of people are putting out, it makes it harder for the next guy. Whether its a swag video on U, or a CD thats crap and ain't selling, it saturating the market. 2008 we got to seperate the real MCs and producers and the fans, because right now everyone is in the scene! Theres more MC's then ravers. Nobodies can be a star anymore.

Elijah: Have you set yourself any aims for the year?

Fumin: I want to get back on radio consistently, big up all the DJs that have given me air time recently; Logan, Westwood, Sketch E, Garna, Mac 10 and everyone else. My Westwood freestyle was the best one. The Uncle Fumin Show coming soon!

I need to become more reliable, make sure I do everything I say im going to do, to move forward. I need to get a logo as well, so everything I do is consistent, need to have a professional approach with all my products.

Elijah: Any last words?

Fumin: Big up everyone thats supported, whether it be playing my tunes, or buying them, keep supporting and Ill keep delivering.

Paid In Full Vol.2 Is Out Soon. Check out his Myspace: www.myspace.com/fumin

Couple Bits from Lethals Video shoot for Youll Get Wrapped Feat Ghetto & Slinger (R.I.P)

Probably my favourite song from Back To Bizznizz if you aint heard it, you can get it from any shop even Amazon Japan

It is going to be a big one on the new tour, starting in April, more details coming SOON


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If you are suffering with the latest man flu, or you are up to your ears in coursework, heres a heavy set from Mac 10 and the NASTY Crew. O my DIDDY.