Swagger = Swag*

*(Swag is a common term used, for inferior)

Big up my VIP2 crew they have a thread on the new word to hate.

From this day forward, in grime at least, please do not record any more tunes with the word swagger, or any other forms (fly, flashy etc). Release what you have got fair enough, but please don't do any more.

Swagger and being 'fly' has become the new default topic for an MC to talk about. It used to be violence, but as that got out of control, and basically exempts you from any 1xtra daytime play at all (what most people can realistically get with a decent tune), mc's have stepped away from it totally.

This may sound ignorant. But I PREFER lyrics about violence. Not because I particularly enjoy MC's talking about how they intend to eliminate their foes, but it is all in delivery. I am going to be careful on using examples, but when MC's are talking about how fly they are, they seem to slow down, and put little energy into delivery. Intense flows and energy is what I to listen to Grime for, not somebody talking about what brand their T-Shirt is or how great their flow is compared to another MC, especially with such a lazy delivery. Surely if your t shirt is great, let me complement you on acquirying such a fine piece of fabric, don't big yourself up. Or if your the 'realest' MC that would be an opinion I could generate from listening to what else you have to say, rather then you having to dictate that to the listener

The actual term swagger originates from the U.S. If you want to hear swagger in its most irirating form check out T.I's Swagger Like Us track.

When MC'ing in this fashion, other American slang creeps in, and it actually dilutes the authenticity of what they are saying, as it just seems like imitation to me. When I hear terms like "getting my guap" and "trapping" or "dawg" it just screams Dipset imitation to me. And as a man that doesn't really follow hip hop or American culture in general, it is pretty distasteful. (Not saying Americans are by the way, I am saying the people that imitate you guys!)

To finish off, I'd like to say this wasn't aimed at anyone in particular, but we don't want to hear anymore of you guys talking about your free clothes you get, or your paperweight Del Boy chains.

If your not convinced. Listen to this


O yea, stop bragging about PRS money. Just because you didn't know it existed when you first picked up a pen and a pad. Actually, I wonder if MC's type their lyrics in this day and age?


  1. Mas 15 October 2008 at 22:18

    Swagger is the substitute for content. There aint much that these MC's can talk about nowadays. So they emphasise on Swagger, it works in hip hop if you have some level of lyrical capabilities. But I am not sure about Grime, that term grime and swagger just dont seem to marry for me.

  2. Anonymous 16 October 2008 at 17:57

    skepta should read this and realise ed hardy is shit. stop wearing it.


  3. M.I.T.S // Little Adenugzz 17 October 2008 at 03:27

    I'm buying you 4 twix bars next time I see you!

  4. Anonymous 19 October 2008 at 19:00

    ahh at least his sibling agrees wi mee, thanks.

    p.s colour co-ordination is not swagger eitherr

  5. Rippz 9 January 2009 at 13:37

    LOOL big post, fuck all this swagger talk bollocks

  6. Museum of Techno 17 April 2009 at 17:02

    Any chance anyone's up for intense delivery with social commentary and criticism instead of violence? Public Enemy style.

  7. Elijah 17 April 2009 at 17:10

    i gave up on that wish a few years ago lol

  8. Museum of Techno 17 April 2009 at 23:45

    I was kind of hoping that since it's getting more obvious each year that society's a shitstorm of lies on its way into an over-population meat-grinder, it should get progressively easier to get some angry observations down on vinyl ;)

  9. blungo 18 July 2010 at 15:09

    feeling this post.

    although i think notions of 'authenticity' are played out.
    my fam is from 10 different countries and our accents are hybrids of hybrids.

    young dot (rotten)'s first mixtape is full of 'social commentary', and it works well on that level.

    swag is what swag gets.