I was listening to Meshek N.A.S.T.Ys radio set earlier and observed what he was doing on the decks with the quick mixes, so I thought to myself "let me have a go".
Well here is my attempt. 20 minutes long.

The Zshare Link

I took on the mentality of "once the needle is on the vinyl/dub it can't be touched until the tune is mixed out" having one shot at mixing.
It also had to be dropped in before the main drop.
So excuse any mixing errors because I'm still brushing up and have a fair few practice hours to go.

Track listing is as follows:

Davinche - The Stick Up
Wiley - Colder Rmx
Dex - Change Formation
Dizzee - Wheel (or Chung Li as I've written on my dub, don't know why)
DOK & Magnum - Crazy Beat (Terror Danjah Mix)
Jammer - Right Hooks Instrumental
Dizzee - I Luv U (Pulse Remix)
Centurions - Speed Racer
Plasticman - Cha
JME - Serious Thuggish Instrumental
Jammer - Murkle Man Instrumental
N.A.S.T.Y - Good You Know Instrumental
Wizzbit - Breakdown
Terror Danjah - Love Is Here To Stay Instrumental (Bonus Remix)
Black Ops - War
Ruthless & Spider B - Grimey Frontline.

I'll do a proper one in the near future with some more old school grime vinyls that I have which are collecting dust.
I might even do this one again.

That is all.

*EDIT: I couldn't wait so I did it again. Not as rushed and a bit more pleasing to the ear mix-wise!


  1. Elijah 13 August 2008 at 03:01

    dj skilliam uppin da levels