It doesn't even have to be true what you say, nobody is going to bother checking. Here are the top 3 things to do if you want an article published.

1. Name drop every underground genre that exists and compare it to the one you are focusing on. Even if they are polar opposites! The genres currently doing the rounds are; Tribal, Electro, Funky, Baltimore (or B-More if your cool enough), Baile Funk, 2 Step, Jungle, Dancehall, Broken Beat and GRIME. The more genres you can name, that proves how much different music you listen to doesn't it right? I see all these fassy Shoreditch DJs with genres on their Myspace profiles that they have only heard mentioned in Guardian blogs, it's because of the writers, they can't keep up with whats cool!

2. Have a paragraph debating what you call it? This is normally the only debate element. If the only debate you can think of with the music is the name of it, then you need to write about something else. Wasting a paragraph talking about whether it's called Garage or Grime, Niche or Bassline, Nu Rave or shit. If you include this, it proves it is a new scene, and you are writing about something that hasn't even finished forming yet. Cutting edge eh!

3. You have to say the music is going mainstream otherwise the article is pointless isn't it! Signing a song to a label isn't guaranteed success, it means that song is going to be exposed more then any other, and they will use the scene as a buzzword to make the song they are pushing "authentic". What have been the recent chart positions of all them Bassline songs that got signed? U Wot U Wot!

Is this the best RWD competition ever?

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Yea... Someone sort me out with some tickets for Friday safe.