Left out the dubs with the talking, even though they were nang as well big up Scratcha, Dot Rotten and Bless Beats on theres.
These are the instrumental dubs. This years producer war started with "The 'Real' Best" from Nocturnal as a reaction to Rude Kids interview. Rude Kid replied with "Time to waste" and since then Spooky, Gemmy, Joker and Maniac have put out instrumentals for free download. Skilliam mixed a couple of the old Maniac ones from last year, because they are nang.

So watch the mix, take note of the plugs, and download these free instrumentals below.

Order of play
Maniac - War Dub
Nocturnal - The Real Best
Maniac -War
Spooky - War
Joker/Gemmy/Maniac - The One
Rude Kid - Time To Waste

Dun know the CDJ400


  1. Hoxton Youth Council 7 August 2008 at 21:19

    Big Up the free downloadzzz. Maniax

  2. Hoxton Youth Council 7 August 2008 at 21:20

    Big up the freebies. Maniacsssss