Lethal B, Jammer, Kano, D Double E in Germany. It's a shame the top boys in the scene can't work together now.

For Parts 2 & 3 click here.

P Money, Roll Deep, Kano reviews coming this week, along with interviews with Scratcha and more. Stay tuned.

Rinse MC on Mistajams Show
Dot Rotton - Talking The Hardest
Vectra w/ C Gritz, English, Vilence & Kipo

I always wonder who reads this. Occasionally people say they like it, and sometimes people say they hate it. Then one day you get this:
Gotta love GrimeForum init. Im going to print this out and put it on my wall, I needed something to put next to my Lady Sov poster.
Rinse.fm was fucking nang last night man. Vectra 9-11 then Spyro b2b Maximum until 1am. Spyro v Maxi was pretty special, new stuff, old stuff, rarely played stuff, top mixing. Very hype. Heres an artists impression of them in the studio.

This is essential listening. Download Here

Heres something else for your iPod from Slew Dems DJ Spooky. 3 deck instrumental mix. Here

Mz.Bratt Interview Pt.2

Mz.Bratt Pt.2 from Butterz on Vimeo.

James from Creative 30 looked very uncomfortable in the first shots of this interview with Scorcher.

Miquita said the G word. Grime! The physicals are out tomorrow I believe, so if you like it, buy it init.

Spyro B2B with Marcus Nasty on Rinse
Westwood Ft. Dot Rotten & more + Bless Beats, JJ, Little Dee & Manga (14/09/08)
Nocturnal & Tinchy Stryder - Go Get'em
Loudmouth - Body Language
Logan Sama Ft. Gritty Committee, Tinie Tempah and Slix (15/09/08)

Kano - 140 Grime Street Sampler
Cotti vs Mr Party feat. Jammer - Dem Fi Know

Plastician Rinse 06

.:Other Grime Stuff, Elsewhere:.
Tickets for JME concert 10/10/08
Dot Rotton Interview with Blackdown
Bunch of Podcast Interviews including Fuda Guy, Tinchy, Skepta
140 Grime Street Ticket Competition
Grime Tapes latest uploads

4-0 mate. Where them Red Devils at! Spurs you still got 1 point!

Till next week

My headings get worse and worse.

Should of posted these bits a while ago. Here you go.

P.Money- A little back then with now later forever tomorrow soon come (Free Mix CD).

He flows over a heap of classic grime tunes, and features "Grime Scene Pt.1" over Dot Rottons classic Grime & Bass instrumental. Click Here to Download

Here's his set from Logan on Monday, over loads of classic instrumentals.

Rinse 06 is out next week. I would do a full review, but my mate Dane's done a good enough job already for Time Out Magazine. What kind of magazine has 6 star reviews? Click the article to buy it over at Dubplate.net

It is a pretty wordy English student review. Someone define Wonky for me as well, I don't get it.

Here's my road friendly alternative.
"Rinse 06 is heavy. It is the 2nd best one since 01 cuzzyy trust me. It is defo worth a purchase. If you are just getting into Dubstep this is an essential CD."

The Bug - Skeng feat Flow Dan & Killa P

Chockablock next week should be pretty good. Noticed they saved the best until last on the flyer. Seriously, we will probably be on early, so if your hearing J.Sweet mixed with Nocturnal it's probably Butterz. Will probably get the audio recorded for this one I know people are after Marcus Nasty sets all the time. Word of advice, DON'T google Marcus Nasty, unless your after blue movies from America.

Real Football is back on tomorrow. So see you Sunday. There should be a couple of cool interviews .


P.S I noticed a few of you guys adding me on Xboxlive. I've already destroyed Tariq from West LDN at Pro. Proper challengers only please.

First of all props to all the Grime artists that got nominated. Even though these awards are a joke, it is still good to get free promotion from having a Mobo Award Nominee sticker on your CD.

Click Here for the full list of nominees. I would love to scrutinize every Award one by one, but that is pretty long, I mean when all the best international acts come from America, you know this award ceremonies a joke.

The DJ nominees are kind of odd to me, like, you only hear these guys names every year, when these awards come around. Who even listens to these guys? Seriously?!

Best Radio DJ Nominations:

Ace & Vis - These guys are big. If they don't win, they might as well just close down 1xtra.
Masterstepz - Really?
Robbo Ranx?
Shortee Blitz?
Steve Sutherland? Nobody listens to Galaxy. End of.
Tim Westwood - Still a relevant DJ. Tims Youtube Channel has done a lot over the past year or so. Another person who could win, but after last years reception, how likely is that.
Trevor Nelson - Don't know what to say about this really.

I wonder what this is rated on. How many hit records they have broken? In a lot of those cases will be zero. Growth of audience levels - probably none for most of these, unless they have taken on another show. Maybe it is their relevance to their respective audiences that is important. It's a shame Pirate Radio isn't recognised.

Best Club DJ is jokes as well, it basically means that Mobos don't believe that Grime, Dubstep, Funky or Bassline is Music of Black Origin. I think they should just rename it to Rnb & Hip Hop awards. The nominees for that are EZ, Hotsteppa, Masterstepz, Rampage, Sarah Love, Scottie B, Semtex, Shortee Blitz, Steve Sutherland and Tim Westwood. Apart from EZ they are predominately Rnb & Hip Hop DJs in my eyes.

Here's my winners list for this year. I don't even care if they aren't nominated.

Best UK Male - Wiley - Basically ruled the underground and was merking the charts at the same time. What everyone has been trying to do for a long time supposdely.
Best UK Female - Leona Lewis - Shes from the ends init.

Best UK Newcomer - Benga - Basically had the biggest tune for a long time. Only Dubstep heads would of heard of him before. The albums good as well.

Best International Act - Its weird how all they picked where American people. Maybe nobody else in the whole world apart from Jamaica, America and Africa makes Music of Black Origin.

Best Reggae - Who got it last year? I think it was Sean Kingston. I will spare the person I want to win any embrassment.

Best Gospel - Yawn

Best Jazz - Don't listen to it.

Best African Act - JME & Skepta - Well they are African! I don't listen to any African music, somebody hook me up!

Best Song - Wearing My Rolex really. Anything else would be uncivilised.

Best Hip Hop - Ermmm Dizzee?

Best Video - In a Corner In a Corner.

Best Album - If Axiom could count.

Bit of bias goes a long way eh.

I think we need Tempa T and Jammer as presenters next year. Just to spice things up a little.

P.S Why isn't Black Boys in the Best Song category?

Two of the best MCs for raves in one dance. D Double E over old school garage and Riko over Jungle. Sick, even though Riko turned down a b2b with DEE. That would be like having your 21st birthday on New Years Eve in 1999. Ah well.

I should of posted this a few weeks back, but in true grimey style, better late then never. Apologies for the darkness, I asked for the lights to be switched on by they were going on funny.

D Double E & Riko @ FWD from Butterz on Vimeo.

While i'm here I might as well post the Kano video.

This video is good quality, I don't like it though. This is the kind of music that alienates a lot of people from UK artists. Imitations of whats already been done over in the US of A. He even shouted out Rick Ross. You know that guy that made that song... Everyday i'm hustling. The video didn't really embrace any element of Grime culture. Where was the pirate radio station? Where was the grimey club? Where was the chicken shop? Putting music in the shop?

I would of approached this from a totally different angle. It could of had a young black boy in school putting his head down, a single mother grinding at work, a market stall guy selling fruit, at least people could relate. Maybe thats not why we listen to music, we don't have to relate to something to enjoy it do we? But I don't think the cliche comparison of moving CD's like drugs is the way to go. Especially when the money is in digital sales these days.

It is funny he goes through all that effort to sell one CD to a crackhead who listens to it in his cassette player though... Yea, watch closely.

For an equally entertaining Dipset/Lil Wayne version click here.

If you need something to listen to here's big up Vectra last nights Westwood Sets

You know when you talk to somebody in Grime and they fully get their David Brent on.

Politics - What does this mean? Nothing to me. It is a common excuse for something not happening most of the time.

How it could be used in a conversation:

Butterz says "When's your mixtape out Grime Dude?" Grime Dude says "There's a lot of politics with that right now"

Alot (One word) - Most of the time this I hear this used is when plans haven't gone the way they intended.

How it could be used in a conversation:

Butterz says "Are you still doing the clothing line and movie?" Grime Dude says "Its alot for me right now fam"

Independent - Gives me jokes when people brag about being independent like they could be signed if they wanted to be. It is used as an excuse for everything being late, available from one store online and being promoted only on Logan and Westwood.

How it could be used in a conversation:

Butterz says "Is your mixtape going to be on Itunes" Grime Dude "Nah fam im staying independent I don't want Apple taking mans peas"

And finally the biggest buzzword in Grime is actually Grime. It is an umbrella term for anything UK that has somebody MC'ing or rapping on a beat on. It is used to represent a particular sound that evolved out of UK Garage but that went out the window for most people a long time ago!

When I talk about Grime, I am talking about music that is influenced by UKG yea, not Channel U garbage or sped up vocals on a hip hop beat by somebody from England.