Mobos 2008

First of all props to all the Grime artists that got nominated. Even though these awards are a joke, it is still good to get free promotion from having a Mobo Award Nominee sticker on your CD.

Click Here for the full list of nominees. I would love to scrutinize every Award one by one, but that is pretty long, I mean when all the best international acts come from America, you know this award ceremonies a joke.

The DJ nominees are kind of odd to me, like, you only hear these guys names every year, when these awards come around. Who even listens to these guys? Seriously?!

Best Radio DJ Nominations:

Ace & Vis - These guys are big. If they don't win, they might as well just close down 1xtra.
Masterstepz - Really?
Robbo Ranx?
Shortee Blitz?
Steve Sutherland? Nobody listens to Galaxy. End of.
Tim Westwood - Still a relevant DJ. Tims Youtube Channel has done a lot over the past year or so. Another person who could win, but after last years reception, how likely is that.
Trevor Nelson - Don't know what to say about this really.

I wonder what this is rated on. How many hit records they have broken? In a lot of those cases will be zero. Growth of audience levels - probably none for most of these, unless they have taken on another show. Maybe it is their relevance to their respective audiences that is important. It's a shame Pirate Radio isn't recognised.

Best Club DJ is jokes as well, it basically means that Mobos don't believe that Grime, Dubstep, Funky or Bassline is Music of Black Origin. I think they should just rename it to Rnb & Hip Hop awards. The nominees for that are EZ, Hotsteppa, Masterstepz, Rampage, Sarah Love, Scottie B, Semtex, Shortee Blitz, Steve Sutherland and Tim Westwood. Apart from EZ they are predominately Rnb & Hip Hop DJs in my eyes.

Here's my winners list for this year. I don't even care if they aren't nominated.

Best UK Male - Wiley - Basically ruled the underground and was merking the charts at the same time. What everyone has been trying to do for a long time supposdely.
Best UK Female - Leona Lewis - Shes from the ends init.

Best UK Newcomer - Benga - Basically had the biggest tune for a long time. Only Dubstep heads would of heard of him before. The albums good as well.

Best International Act - Its weird how all they picked where American people. Maybe nobody else in the whole world apart from Jamaica, America and Africa makes Music of Black Origin.

Best Reggae - Who got it last year? I think it was Sean Kingston. I will spare the person I want to win any embrassment.

Best Gospel - Yawn

Best Jazz - Don't listen to it.

Best African Act - JME & Skepta - Well they are African! I don't listen to any African music, somebody hook me up!

Best Song - Wearing My Rolex really. Anything else would be uncivilised.

Best Hip Hop - Ermmm Dizzee?

Best Video - In a Corner In a Corner.

Best Album - If Axiom could count.

Bit of bias goes a long way eh.

I think we need Tempa T and Jammer as presenters next year. Just to spice things up a little.

P.S Why isn't Black Boys in the Best Song category?


  1. M.I.T.S 11 September 2008 at 14:24

    You are now one of my top TWO favourite bloggers of all time.

    I'm gonna go blog my MOBO thoughts!
    Let's see who wins!!


    Life's a competition!

  2. Elijah 11 September 2008 at 22:24

    Of all time that is a big statement lol!

    I'm not good at predicting things I thought Radiohead where going to win the Mercury prize!

  3. dane 12 September 2008 at 16:47

    shaggy is getting fat.