My headings get worse and worse.

Should of posted these bits a while ago. Here you go.

P.Money- A little back then with now later forever tomorrow soon come (Free Mix CD).

He flows over a heap of classic grime tunes, and features "Grime Scene Pt.1" over Dot Rottons classic Grime & Bass instrumental. Click Here to Download

Here's his set from Logan on Monday, over loads of classic instrumentals.

Rinse 06 is out next week. I would do a full review, but my mate Dane's done a good enough job already for Time Out Magazine. What kind of magazine has 6 star reviews? Click the article to buy it over at

It is a pretty wordy English student review. Someone define Wonky for me as well, I don't get it.

Here's my road friendly alternative.
"Rinse 06 is heavy. It is the 2nd best one since 01 cuzzyy trust me. It is defo worth a purchase. If you are just getting into Dubstep this is an essential CD."

The Bug - Skeng feat Flow Dan & Killa P

Chockablock next week should be pretty good. Noticed they saved the best until last on the flyer. Seriously, we will probably be on early, so if your hearing J.Sweet mixed with Nocturnal it's probably Butterz. Will probably get the audio recorded for this one I know people are after Marcus Nasty sets all the time. Word of advice, DON'T google Marcus Nasty, unless your after blue movies from America.

Real Football is back on tomorrow. So see you Sunday. There should be a couple of cool interviews .


P.S I noticed a few of you guys adding me on Xboxlive. I've already destroyed Tariq from West LDN at Pro. Proper challengers only please.


  1. M.I.T.S // Little Adenugzz 13 September 2008 at 02:37

    Stop stealing my blog posts.
    Jah ..... STOP IT!!

  2. Blackdown 13 September 2008 at 22:31

    A lot of the wonky talk comes from an article i wrote here:

    I also wrote the Plastician sleevenotes (NO EGO)