Two of the best MCs for raves in one dance. D Double E over old school garage and Riko over Jungle. Sick, even though Riko turned down a b2b with DEE. That would be like having your 21st birthday on New Years Eve in 1999. Ah well.

I should of posted this a few weeks back, but in true grimey style, better late then never. Apologies for the darkness, I asked for the lights to be switched on by they were going on funny.

D Double E & Riko @ FWD from Butterz on Vimeo.

While i'm here I might as well post the Kano video.

This video is good quality, I don't like it though. This is the kind of music that alienates a lot of people from UK artists. Imitations of whats already been done over in the US of A. He even shouted out Rick Ross. You know that guy that made that song... Everyday i'm hustling. The video didn't really embrace any element of Grime culture. Where was the pirate radio station? Where was the grimey club? Where was the chicken shop? Putting music in the shop?

I would of approached this from a totally different angle. It could of had a young black boy in school putting his head down, a single mother grinding at work, a market stall guy selling fruit, at least people could relate. Maybe thats not why we listen to music, we don't have to relate to something to enjoy it do we? But I don't think the cliche comparison of moving CD's like drugs is the way to go. Especially when the money is in digital sales these days.

It is funny he goes through all that effort to sell one CD to a crackhead who listens to it in his cassette player though... Yea, watch closely.

For an equally entertaining Dipset/Lil Wayne version click here.

If you need something to listen to here's big up Vectra last nights Westwood Sets