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SRC one of our favourite producers has an EP coming out very soon with Dutch label Rwina and I thought, why not bring the label boss in to do a guest mix for the Rinse FM show.

So we did, and DJ Akkachar Presents Rwina - Download the mix here, its awesome. Watch out for the collaborations between Rwina & Butterz in the future. A lot of similarities in the styles we are pushing!

Taz buckfaster - Tonic the swedgehog [forthcoming rwina]
SRC - Sort of a start [forthcoming rwina]
SRC - Goin out [forthcoming rwina]
501 - Higher ground [forthcoming rwina]
Starkey - Rain city [rwina]
SRC- Where's the remote [forthcoming rwina]
Dj Madd - Got u dancin [forthcoming subway]
501 - St. ives [forthcoming rwina]
Guido - Cat in the window [dub]
Gemmy - Double Yellow [dub]
Starkey - Beatingz [rwina]
Baobinga - Ride It (untold remix) [forthcoming build]
Taz buckfaster - 20 red [rwina]
Akkachar - Neon Swagga [forthcoming subway]
Matt-u - Watchin U [forthcoming subway]
SRC - Goomba VIP goombag [forthcoming butterz]
Eprom - Lick Out [forthcoming rwina]

E. - The group of producers you are from around the globe how are you sourcing all these beats?

A - Sometimes they come to me, but most of the times i'm on the look out. I listen to a lot of radio shows, mixes, mixtapes, myspace's, virbs every music-source really. I'm close with the boys @ Triple Vision distribution they sit on a shit load of great unreleased music too. As far as the group of producers I work with; they keep on providing me of their newest stuff. I really love to work with producers who are visionary's and think in long term that keep their work fresh. I don't like repeating a succesfull formula.

E - How long have you been listening to Grime, and what producers are you feeling at the moment?

I have been listening to Grime since I stopped visiting 2-step/garage parties back in 2002/2003. But not on a regular basis. First things I remember is stuff from Dizzee, Roll Deep, Wiley, bought a lot of grime on vinyl. First thing I bought on vinyl was Boy In Da Corner, followed up by some Wiley Kat stuff, BBK and some Relentless stuff from CD. I wasnt a Grime purist or so. I was always into edgy bass heavy music, doesn't matter what it is. Now I'm enjoying the thing that's happening in Grime, beat wise a real stand-out in electronic music in my opinion. It has that g'd out vibe without being stereotypical and it's fresh.

E - What was it specifically that you liked about these SRC tracks, he makes loads!

A - SRC delivers something that's totally new imo. First of all; the beats are super crisp and clean, melody wise a bad bad bad producer and the 8 bit vibe is killing me. I can swagg on it and make jolly dance moves to it, it covers a wide spectrum of electronic music!!! The EP I signed with him just happened. I was blown away by the bits he sent me. Goin Out EP has 4 tracks on it, forward thinking bass music, g funk madness and 8 bit mayhem. I mean I don't have to tell you that he is on that next level of beat making.

E - So when can we expect the 'Going Out EP' to drop?

A - I hope somewhere in the spring, I hope late April. The tunes are at the mastering already...

Big up my Holland family each and every, you can catch us out there with Swindle and Joker at Paradiso 5 Days Off Festival in March. Apologies for our behavior in advance!

I wrote an article over at NME a couple of weeks ago, half retrospective, and half looking forward into 2010!

And tonight get your skins down to this if your in London, it is all for a good cause.


Massive trip, great club, brilliant people, cheap booze, hardcore Grime fans. Total win. Big up all the people that showed love Filip, Smek, Monts, Slav, Dmitry, Jakub, Kristina and the rest of the gang!

Check out all their sites Here, Here, Here, Here & GRIME.CZ!

As soon as we got off the plane we went straight to bad up the Czech radio station. Out to Smek and the spin radio crew for letting us up there, playing the grimiest stuff at 4pm in the afternoon.
You can download the show here, or stream via Mixcloud!

Met some cool hardcore Grime fans as well, they were on to the Big H, Dot Rotten, Trim and P Money stuff. Anyone that is reading this in Prague - Sir Spyro is out there next week Saturday!

I think that picture was taken when Big H - 'Hooligan' dropped. Got one of the best reactions, along with Airmiles, 1UP and all the VIPs we have been stacking on the sly ;)

This trip reminded me how rich our MC talent is here, and it is a shame they don't reach Europe more. I'm going to reach out to some more MCs this year, and get on to spit on some of these great beats we have been playing and just get the tunes to people all over the globe. Maybe one a month, hold tight for those.

Prague you were wicked, we will be back!

First show of the year! Mixed a bit of old school with new beats towards the end. As usual, not too much talking, just beats! As usual to get all tunes to us -

Download Here

Click the flyer for more information. Actually the first time playing in London since November! There should be a lot more coming up though in the coming months.

Prague here we come!

January is the most optimistic time of year until December when another new year is approaching. Grime has a lot of work to do in the next 12 months, in terms of releases, image, sales, live shows and infrastructure.

Logan Sama's show been cut to an hour
is the first major change of the year. His show is still the only 100% dedicated Grime show on legal radio after nearly half a decade on the airwaves. The implications on our listening pleasure every week are 50% less music and shorter sets, less guests and good music having much shorter runs on the show. The reaction over on the Grimeforum has been really positive so if you want to get that hour back, join the group on Facebook and send an email directly to Kiss and hopefully we can make a change together.

In spite of this Logan has announced a new project which will be kicking off in the Spring, you can read about that here.

This year im expecting the producers to take more control then they have in previous years, with their own CDs, albums and DJ sets. The mixtape format doesn't allow them to make much money from featuring on even the big artists CDs, so to stay afloat they are going to have to put out their own releases. In the not to distant future there are releases coming from Terror Danjah on Butterz & Hyperdub, Rude Kid on No Hats No Hoods & Earth 616, Swindle on Planet Mu and SRC on Numbers.

The Grime scene got a firm grip on Youtube towards the end of last year when Grimedaily & SB.TV were uploading new videos every day with a range of the scenes MC talent. Loads of other channels have now gone up, showcasing talent from up and down the country, with freestyles, music videos and interviews. Hopefully these won't be a too much distraction to what they should be doing to get their fanbase up: Hitting the studio to record music regularly, networking with producers & DJs and if possible turning up to radio sets. The larger channels need to act responsibly not chasing the hype, beef and controversy and focus on showing the acts in a positive light.

A version of this article appeared on Fabric's blog and will do each and every month throughout the year.


This Friday you can catch us live in Prague at Radost FX, and we should be on a radio station out there. Stay tuned to Twitter and I will keep you posted. Event info is available here or here.

Also at Corsica Studios in Elephant & Castle 12th of Feb along with a slew of other dates coming up so stay tuned!

And finally I love the way the '01012010' Mix has motivated a debate over on Dubstep Forum.

See you at Rinse FM Tonight!


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O.Gz - OGeezuz

No better way to start of 2010 with a mix of forthcoming material from a few of our favourite producers. Feel free to share, repost, blog, tweet I am really excited about this one.

Alternate Link
Swindle - Open Your Mind (Butterz)
Royal T - Hot Ones Remix (Unreleased)
Terror Danjah - Acid (Hyperdub)
Swindle - 'Trending Topic' (Butterz)
DVA feat P Money - Wind It Up (No Right Turn)
Rude Kid - Absolut Vodka (No Hats No Hoods)
DOK & Terror Danjah - Hysteria (Butterz)
Swindle - Air Miles (????)
Silencer - Miss Asia (Wow Bass Level 3)
Joker - Output One Two (Tectonic)
Rude Kid & Terror Danjah - The Best Crawler (No Hats No Hoods)
Tempa T - Boy Off The Ting (No Hats No Hoods)
Terror Danjah - Bipolar (Butterz)
OGZ - Hot Ones (Deeco Remix)
Maniac - Lengman Tune (Unreleased)
Terror Danjah - Sidechain (Swindle Remix) (Planet Mu)
SRC - Powerman 9 (Unreleased)
DOK - Keep Making Grime (Unreleased)
Rude Kid - Electric (Earth 616)
J Beatz - Life & Death (SCUK)
Terror Danjah - Air Bubble (Butterz)
Starkey - Ok Love (Planet Mu)
????? - ?????? (Teaser)


Also this will be landing in all stores within the next couple of weeks.

Out to Hudson Mohawk for playing 'Bipolar' in his Essential Mix. Skilliam is away at the moment, but as soon as he returns I will announce the next releases on the label.

If you have missed any of the Rinse Shows lately grab them here!

Happy New Year!