hailing from Birmingham is the first of many 2010 ones to watch im going to do over the next few weeks. He reached out to me in May this year with about 10 beats and has been giving me about 10 every month since.

So give us a little introduction to the world of SRC, as I still dont know much about you!

Im a producer/aspring DJ from birmingham. Been makin beats for a few years now since about 03, Ive put out a few free downloads Organised grime, the srcd series and one called four one one.

So has it been an on and off thing or have you been consistently been making beats since 2003?

On and off I would say, I had months without making anything and sometimes its a few in a day. It depends on whats going on at the time.

You mentioned before you had a vocal tune out with a crew, shed a bit more light on that, and are you going to work with any other MCs?

It was a tune called "I Know what U Did" Came out in 2005 maybe. It did quite well with a video on channel U and plays on 1xtra. That was what got me involved in the scene in Birmingham as a lot of DJs & MCs got in touch after hearing it. I've had quite a lot of vocals altogether, from Birmingham MCs.

As for working with MCs I probably will do occasionally but I'm more concerned with beats at the moment. Saying that I'm involved with Vader's "Invasion" Movement so I will definitely have some beats in any projects coming from there.

Do you think not being in London where you could of networked with the bigger MCs has made you focus more on beats?

Not even that you know, it would have probably have been a help if I was in London to get vocals that might get me known, but what it was really was that I found a lot of MCs took long when I wanted a vocal for one of my projects, but when they wanted one it seemed to get done almost instantly. That left me a bit bitter and from then I cut down who I worked with to a minimum. Now though I just like beats more, I only really listen to instrumental tunes in any genre.

So what else are you listening to at the moment?

I listen to a lot of J Dilla, Flying lotus, Afta-1 Madlib, That kinda instrumental hip-hop stuff.

And Grime wise what are you into, and what keeps you motivated to make the music?

Grime wise I try to listen to most of what's out. I like a lot of the Swindle I Terror Danjah stuff you've been playing lately as well as some of the older grime tunes like J-sweet & Virgo. My motivation is just good response I guess. Its always nice when someone says they like a beat you've spent time on. Especially recently having more people approach me about tunes they like motivates me to carry on making beats.

Your a DJ as well? When you start playing out, what kind of set would you do? I assume you would play a lot of your own stuff?

I only really got into it this past year. Bought some decks, but I have played out couple times already alongside my mates B9a & Skeme. I don't play that much of my own stuff yet but I've been slowly working them into my sets. I want to do a mix full of my beats soon though.

What's the plans for next year?

This years gone pretty quick! I'm looking forward to releasing something on vinyl soon, and then follow it up with more both vinyl and digital. Hopefully I get to DJ out some more and just carry on making music and see how it goes. 'Gold Coins' is coming out on Numbers and hopefully others will come throughout the year.

Any last words?

Just big up to you and Skilliam for playing the tunes and helping me out. Oneman & Jackmaster and all the other DJs and people enjoying the music!

Download: SRCD Volume Four

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