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SRC one of our favourite producers has an EP coming out very soon with Dutch label Rwina and I thought, why not bring the label boss in to do a guest mix for the Rinse FM show.

So we did, and DJ Akkachar Presents Rwina - Download the mix here, its awesome. Watch out for the collaborations between Rwina & Butterz in the future. A lot of similarities in the styles we are pushing!

Taz buckfaster - Tonic the swedgehog [forthcoming rwina]
SRC - Sort of a start [forthcoming rwina]
SRC - Goin out [forthcoming rwina]
501 - Higher ground [forthcoming rwina]
Starkey - Rain city [rwina]
SRC- Where's the remote [forthcoming rwina]
Dj Madd - Got u dancin [forthcoming subway]
501 - St. ives [forthcoming rwina]
Guido - Cat in the window [dub]
Gemmy - Double Yellow [dub]
Starkey - Beatingz [rwina]
Baobinga - Ride It (untold remix) [forthcoming build]
Taz buckfaster - 20 red [rwina]
Akkachar - Neon Swagga [forthcoming subway]
Matt-u - Watchin U [forthcoming subway]
SRC - Goomba VIP goombag [forthcoming butterz]
Eprom - Lick Out [forthcoming rwina]

E. - The group of producers you are from around the globe how are you sourcing all these beats?

A - Sometimes they come to me, but most of the times i'm on the look out. I listen to a lot of radio shows, mixes, mixtapes, myspace's, virbs every music-source really. I'm close with the boys @ Triple Vision distribution they sit on a shit load of great unreleased music too. As far as the group of producers I work with; they keep on providing me of their newest stuff. I really love to work with producers who are visionary's and think in long term that keep their work fresh. I don't like repeating a succesfull formula.

E - How long have you been listening to Grime, and what producers are you feeling at the moment?

I have been listening to Grime since I stopped visiting 2-step/garage parties back in 2002/2003. But not on a regular basis. First things I remember is stuff from Dizzee, Roll Deep, Wiley, bought a lot of grime on vinyl. First thing I bought on vinyl was Boy In Da Corner, followed up by some Wiley Kat stuff, BBK and some Relentless stuff from CD. I wasnt a Grime purist or so. I was always into edgy bass heavy music, doesn't matter what it is. Now I'm enjoying the thing that's happening in Grime, beat wise a real stand-out in electronic music in my opinion. It has that g'd out vibe without being stereotypical and it's fresh.

E - What was it specifically that you liked about these SRC tracks, he makes loads!

A - SRC delivers something that's totally new imo. First of all; the beats are super crisp and clean, melody wise a bad bad bad producer and the 8 bit vibe is killing me. I can swagg on it and make jolly dance moves to it, it covers a wide spectrum of electronic music!!! The EP I signed with him just happened. I was blown away by the bits he sent me. Goin Out EP has 4 tracks on it, forward thinking bass music, g funk madness and 8 bit mayhem. I mean I don't have to tell you that he is on that next level of beat making.

E - So when can we expect the 'Going Out EP' to drop?

A - I hope somewhere in the spring, I hope late April. The tunes are at the mastering already...

Big up my Holland family each and every, you can catch us out there with Swindle and Joker at Paradiso 5 Days Off Festival in March. Apologies for our behavior in advance!

I wrote an article over at NME a couple of weeks ago, half retrospective, and half looking forward into 2010!

And tonight get your skins down to this if your in London, it is all for a good cause.


  1. Anonymous 23 January 2010 at 23:18

    Show was fucked and the Akkachar mix is alot lookin fwd to hearin some SRC on the label
    I take it theres gunna be some SRC on Butterz as well?

  2. Artek 27 January 2010 at 00:38

    these SRC tracks are fiyah! 2010 is his time.