BR003 & BR004 are available now, which takes the release tally up to 5 for the year for Butterz, which im really happy with.
Air Bubble is a track Terror Danjah originally wrote for the first EP we released 'Bipolar' and I decided to let the parts out for everyone to remix. It ended up having well over 100 remixes which you can check out on soundcloud and youtube.

Starkey's remix is vinyl only, and Teezas is digital only, the digital will begin floating next month.

D.O.K is an elusive character and it took us a while to decide what tracks of his to release. We wanted something totally different to his Hardrive release, and his forthcoming Hyperdub release, but still with his signature style. I hope you guys like it!


  1. zeb zebba 30 November 2010 at 10:01

    bitch in the diddy video needs to fix dat weave! aint u know natural is back dahlin?