Its coming, test presses are now floating and he has just done an interview over at BNTL. You can also get a very limited Orangeade T Shirt.

I'm glad we got to release Royal T after two years of receiving music and watching him hone his skills. He sent me what ended up being his debut release '1UP' on the 13th November 08, when I was just getting into DJing seriously. I started on Rinse that same month, and two years later he is releasing on our label. No trendy remixes, no watered down approach, just 100% Grime from the man himself for the first time.

'Orangeade' came about as a joke mocking Teddy aka Silencer who claimed Gucci Manes 'Lemonade' was the best Grime tune at the moment. So for my Birthday back in July I asked Royal T to make me an alternative fizzy drink Grime track for us to play and it was born. People liked it, but it wasn't until P Money & Blacks guested on our show back in August we took the track seriously. I played it as the last song, and they tore it apart.
'The Whistle Song' was written back in February and it was going in and out of our selection as Royal T kept changing bits to it along the way. It was originally intended for No Hats No Hoods and for whatever reason they didn't like it but we did. The other core Grime DJs started regularly playing (and reloading) it and that is the first time it has really happened for a Butterz record.
'Music Please' is another favourite in our sets, but we decided to release the 'Devil Mix' instead just to make things interesting. Nobody releases them in Grime anymore, and I don't want this to cause a 'devil mix on every release' trend, but once in a while for this style of tune, it's good fun. For the DJs in the mix it gives you space to go crazy with it.

He is the youngest producer that we have released so far at 20 years old, and resides in Southampton. So producers that are outside the spiritual home of the Grime scene please never give up, location these days is a minor barrier in music. You can easily send us (and other DJs) music, and we do listen to everything.

Watch out for the full release hitting stores soon