October Update

Been a while since I have posted any Rinse FM shows, and we have had two good ones in a row this week.

First is a cover show from Sunday 9-11 in the legendary Roll Deep slot, and if you havent heard us for a while it is a good catch up show.

In our normal Thursday 1-3am slot we invited Teddy to mix things up a bit, and Spyro passed by in the second hour. A lot of new music, including two remixes of DJ Spookys current banger 'Spartan'.

We also guested at Terror Danjah's Boiler Room Takeover this week alongside Swindle & D.O.K

This week you can catch doing the opening set at FWD>>

We are also back in Glasgow at the end of the month alongside Ben Ufo & Oneman which will be sick, so get down there.

TRC's - Oo Aa Ee vinyls should start floating around within the next couple of weeks so keep your eyes and hears open. You can grab all the previous releases here.
Got to big up SRC for putting this animation together for us, if there are any animators that read this blog that want to get involved, please give me a shout!

There is a lot more to come...