Mr Mitch

I started receiving tunes from him about a year ago and over the last 6 months he has progressed really quickly and I believe he is one two look out for in the second half of this year. Check the mix of his latest tracks and remixes below.

So tell us a bit about yourself, I have been receiving tunes for about a year from you, what were you doing up until that point?

I've been producing for around 7 years, mainly as a hobby. I've gone under a couple different aliases, Merlin, Unique. I won a producer competition with RWD mag back in the day but never really had the belief to do music. So I went to university to study media production, after doing that for a year I realised that I couldn't not follow my heart any more so decided to choose music as my career path.

You did a couple of instrumental mixtapes as well right? Where you always writing Grime or where you just doing whatever?

I brought out an instrumental mixtape called dirty sheets, basically consisting of a few of the beats I had made up to that point. I've always been making grime, occasionally strayed into hip hop production but I've been supporting grime since its birth and its the music I enjoy making the most. I find it hard to stray far away from 140bpm.

SRC - Lemsip (Mr.Mitch Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD by Mr.Mitch

Interesting you mention tempo, you tried making Grime outside of that 140bpm comfort zone yet?

Well I do have tunes which vary in tempo but the majority of them go from 135-142. Even when I make tunes at a much slower tempo its still has my same style and feel to it. I made a tune the other day actually that speeds up to 160 at the end, I sent it to Skepta and he wanted it on his album.

Skepta - Badboy (Mr.Mitch Remix) by Mr.Mitch

Sick, so at the moment is it looking like you are going to have a couple of tunes on his album? And that is all off the back of the Bad Boy Remix?

I made the remix when he sent out the accapella and then sent it to him via twitter. He liked it and wanted to use the beat for a song on his album. I've been sending him beats since then and last week and sent him another one that he wants to use so its all good.

Terror Danjah - Air Bubble (Mr.Mitch Remix) (Free Download) by Mr.Mitch

Have any other MCs reached out to you yet? What other ones would you like to work with?

I haven't had many big names come to me yet asking for beats. But I would really like to work with JME and D Double, when I make music aim to create songs and I think JME really knows how to make a well constructed song and D Double is just my favourite mc and a legend so who wouldn't want to work with him.

Mr.Mitch - Fright Night (SRC Remix) by Mr.Mitch

Over the past 6 months you have really got into the remixing along with SRC, Swindle, Terror Danjah etc how do you think that has effected your production skills?

I find remixing really inspiring, as it forces me to try out different methods of editing/production. Every time I open logic I try something new so I don't get stuck in a rut. So sometimes remixing really helps me when I get stuck for inspiration.
→ If you want to remix 'Fright Night' you can grab the parts here.

Mr.Mitch - Skittles (Forthcoming Butterz) by Mr.Mitch

Finally 'Skittles' will be your first track on vinyl! I got the test press on Friday its sounding nice! Are you planning to release more music yourself or via other labels in the near future?

I've got a four track e.p coming digitally on subdepth records, I've also got a remix for Numan getting released on vinyl for the same label. I'm currently holding a competition to remix my track fright night, and I will release the best ones alongside my one digitally on my own label.

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