This year has been crazy for me so far, so I thought I would choose 10 Grime tracks to sum up the last 6 months and 15 Butterz moments.

Pitchfork Feature / 01012010 Mix - This kicked the year off, giving us a huge amount of exposure for our releases, radio show and the producers we worked with. 6 months on it has done wonders for all of our profiles and the mix has over 15,000 downloads, big up Martin Clark!

Prague - Such a massive day, and they have continued to have Grime acts over regularly since such as Rude Kid, Black The Ripper and Dot Rotten, it is important for artists and DJs to be doing shows wherever they can, as some have a really hardcore following in Europe.

Fact Magazine Mix - Another mix that spread all over the web within a week or so, and won us a some new supporters, I think it premiered the Terror Danjah & Joker - Gully Goon Estate as well.

The Heatwave v Butterz - Grime & Dancehall on Rinse FM - This kind of stuff should happen more often, a mash up of styles, I have one definitely in the pipeline with the Hessle Boys, hold tight.

Bipolar EP / Air Bubble Remixes - First release on our label, and 60+ remixes because of our open source Grime idea. Hard work, but a lot more to come, it just takes time, big up everyone that is supporting these and other releases we have pushed like SRC, Swindle and Terror Danjah's releases.

'Bare Places' - A video from a busy February DJ wise, big up all the promoters that have had us at their nights so far, we appreciate it a lot, Grime is a dirty word!

Glasgow - Best show of the year hands down. Big up the Glasgow gang

Sidewinder debut - First show we have ever done with MCs, Badness & Bruza jumped on set. Badness in a Mexican Wrestling mask! Strange fun times! Was good to meet Royal T for the first (and only) time as well!

May Mix - Brought back a few old school tunes for this, if you haven't downloaded it, grab it now.

June Mix - Was originally recorded to promote the #Veryveryepic rave, then was used for a Nike campaign courtesy of Mixcloud.

Dublin - Another brilliant crowd, wicked people really enthusiastic about the music (you will be how many surprised how many promoters who are not that into the music!)

#Butterztv5 - We started uStreaming last October live DJ sets from my bedroom, and this is my favourite one of them all, Swindle guested.

Rinse FM getting a license - I found out while in Barcelona and I couldn't believe my eyes. Im so happy as a fan of the station for it to be legit now, and as a DJ it is another exciting prospect to be on a legal station for the first time. Maximum respect to the management and all the people that made this happen!

Barcelona - E P I C


  1. jinty 25 June 2010 at 14:16

    yesss glasgow best show! what a night