Give us a brief introduction of a few things you have done up until the point of the album, because I have been hearing your name for a long time!

I began making tunes when i was still at school and worked with mcs and singers that i knew of, which ended up culminating in my first mix cd "Unleashed". I kept making tunes and eventually I was offered by Peverelist to put out a single on 'Punch Drunk'

So where these tunes in the same vein as the stuff your making now? How has your sound developed over the past few years?

I don't think the sound has changed drastically, I've always just thought about melodies and stuff and I don't think that's changed but since I've started obviously its come along because I'm using better software.

What are you making tunes on at the moment?

Just a midi keyboard, a mac pro with logic and software.

Have you found it difficult to 'fit in' over the past few years into Grime & or Dubstep because you come with a mellow sound?

I don't think about fitting in I just make what I want to make, I kinda stuck with the 140 template because that's how I started off.

Tell us more about the non 140 side...

It is kind of hard to explain, it's still me, on my album my opening track is 120 and the lead track 'Anidea' is not 140 either.

What tunes did you expect the biggest reaction because 'Mad Sax' and 'You Do It Right' are being played by quite a wide range of DJs?

Yer I am a bit suprised Mad Sax is getting played a lot I haven't really been expecting certain tunes to have that big a reaction.

Are you playing out more now? What is going down well when your DJing?

Yes playing out once a week for the next few months which is good, beautiful complication has gone down well I feel.

What other stuff are you playing in your sets?

It's more accessible kinda dance floor tunes then the rest of my tunes I guess. And if I am not mixing around 140 I play stuff from Floating Points, Flying Lotus, Nosaj Thing, Rustie and sometimes other completely different stuff when I'm in the mood. But it depends what crowd but im trying to play more interesting stuff when I play and take a different approach.

The press release for you album cited your influences or comparisons as early Davinche, Skepta and Ruff Squad productions. What kind of influence you think the early grime had on you?

It had some definitely because i use to listen to a lot, I listened to sidewinder tapes, old school Dizzee, Wiley sets and that and I was feeling the energy behind some of the tunes.

So going forward what are the plans we have to look forward to throughout the rest of the year?

I aim to have more singles out then last year, and just focus on pushing the album.

Watch out for his debut album 'Anidea' coming out next month.


  1. Artek 3 May 2010 at 11:37

    big up Guido, been on it since day.