Since I put up the parts to 'Air Bubble' I have come across a lot of new producers, who I will give some space here to get to know them over the next few weeks. The first is Producer/MC/DJ Teeza who is from West London and is featuring on the official Air Bubble Remix package alongside Swindle, Starkey and Royal-T on limited clear vinyl in the near future.
Terror Danjah - Air Bubble (Teeza Remix) by TeezaMusic

Give us a brief introduction to Teeza

I'm an MC/Producer hailing from West London. I'm 22 years old. Been into music since I was about 12 and as of last year, I started taking it upon myself to get my name floating about.

Do you remember the tunes that particularly got you into actually making music?

Tunes like a Sticky - Triplets, Mos Wanted - Hungry Tiger. Amongst some other Garage Classics. And just having that Playstation Game 'Music' made it easy get started. My big bro bought that, he was an MC.

You're a DJ as well, who are your all time favourite producers?

Wiley, Terror Danjah, Skepta, Davinche and Target

Did you have any stints on pirate radio?

I was on a few different stations. React fm, LayLow fm, Frontline fm, Get Grime TV. Never really got a chance to go on stations like Flashback, Raw Mission, De Ja, Rinse etc.

Did you not pursue it because of the lack of raves/demise in pirate radio/lack of vinyl or did you just want to MC.

It began with just not having enough money for it. But as I was still writing and I teamed up with a few other MCs so, that became my main thing. We had a DJ as well so from time to time I got to throw in a few mixes on set, either at radio or someones house.

Going forward, are you looking to pursue all three pursuits? You recently appeared on Logan Sama's Chosen Ones and released an instrumental EP and your uploading mixes of your own instrumentals. How do you intend to balance your contribution?

You'll definitely hear a lot more production from me. I'm starting to get back into the writing because I feel I can compete with the top guys now. As for Djing, I have to sit and think about recording a demo and where I wanna go with it. But I cant promise anything just have to see how things go. Who knows, I could become a one man band.

What do you have planned for the rest of the year? Are you looking to work with other established artists and producers?

I've already started to do that, so yeah more of that and more releases. I'll be doing a few tunes with producers the main focus will be getting vocal stuff done and my releases.

Any final words...

Look out for my next EP release, Riot Musick. To find more music from me, check Myspace, Soundcloud, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter!