Swindle is one of the most promising producers I have come across since I started the Rinse FM show. He was our guest back in February and his stand out track was 'Swaggeristic'. At the time he was focused on working with artists, and I pressured him to experiment just making instrumental music to see what he came up with. 5 months later, I get a new bunch of Swindle tracks in my inbox. And the track now known as 'Air Miles' along with 'Sidechain Remix' are going to help Swindle make a massive impact in 2010.

The first time I came across your name was on Terror Danjahs 'Zumpi Hunter' Remix when Maximum played it on a Boy Better Know studio set in 2007. It was admired by many and only just released this year on Planet Mu. How did that come about, and are there any more plans for Terror & Swindle collaborations?

Me & Terror will always work side by side, future collaborations are inevitable! We been speaking about producing a whole album together, plus there's a Swindle remix of 'Sidechain' so watch out for all that!

I think producer collaboration has been missing for the last few years, is there someone that you would like to do a track with? I think you and Joker need to do one. You could give a track like 'Purple City' some lengman funk!

Joker for definite, we've actually spoken about doing it for ages! I like to work in studio rather then online, so when the times right we may get to work! Also planning stuff with Rude Kid and Wizzy Wow. Gotta get something done with Rapid!!!

We met earlier on this year when you guested on our show, 10 months has passed what has changed in your world musically since then?

I think since then we have seen a lot more acts around us hit the charts in a serious way, so hunger levels have gone up! I know for sure at some point in my career I'm looking for a top 10 at least!!

Who haven't you worked with yet that you would like to do tracks with?

Rapid! its difficult because Ive worked with a lot of people! Scorcher is bringing heat!

With artists that you have previously worked with like Chipmunk achieving massive commercial success do you feel under pressure to make music that could chart? Do you have productions on any mainstream albums coming out next year?

I've submitted beats for Tinie Tempah, Ghetts, Bratt, but no I don't feel pressure, I don't make music to be under pressure. Having the chart success would be great but I'm not going to force it, I think that's were some artists go wrong!

Any plans to get into DJing to help spread your sound?

Its definitely on the cards! We will have to see where next year takes me! At the moment I don't own decks, but was thinking of investing!

What other producers are you rating at the moment? I saw on twitter that you were doing an All star producer tune, is that still going to happen?

Yea that is on its way, me, Terror Danjah, Wizzy Wow, its sounding crazy I hope to put out a couple of all star producer tracks! Producers in UK making noise at the moment for me are: Calvin Harris, Chase n Status and Mark Ronson.

You have spoken about trying to accommodate all of your influences and styles onto an album project, how difficult do you think it will be to make an album like that?

Its very difficult, which is why I've divided up into E.P's 'Who Said Funk?' is out Feb 2010 this is a five vocal track take on 'funky house' this has nothing to do with my next E.P that has hard hitting instrumentals such as 'Air Miles' and 'Sidechain Remix' I am not yet in a position where I could put these all on the same album! The audiences I feel are too different!

'No More' has seen your sound go 'funky'. What has been the reception from that audience? What are your thoughts about the scene in general?

Reception has been great, we were garage track of the week on Radio 1, Pioneers Power Play on Kiss, Bookings, Specials are all new things! The scene in general I think has diversity within itself, with a lot of MC dominated tracks on one side, soulful vocals on the other, and hard instrumentals there as well it will be interesting to see which of those corners will have the longest run!

What would be an ideal 2010 for you? You have a lot of directions you could take!

As long as I'm still able to put my music out and people appreciate it like this year ill be happy, anything else over that will be down to the work I put in!

Any big ups?

Terror Danjah, A.L, Nadia Suliman, Marvel, Every DJ that has EVER played me!, 2Tone Entertainment, Lioness, Mercston

Check Swindle's Discography here and on Twitter here.