Whats up?

What's up you lot? It's been so so long since I have spoken to you. Recently I have been trying to sort out my real life, and its resulted in Butterz, Rinse and anything else taking a bit of a hiatus. Now I seem to be over the trials and tribulations, I am back, and I will try not to let Twitter steal my random bursts of thought on Grime.

Since I have been away, Chipmunk has achieved a number 1 in the charts, which has had mixed reactions from the Grime scene. People ask me all the time why the Grime Forum have nothing bad to say about Tinchy Stryder yet when it comes to Chip they are all over him. It is just one thing: EGO. Statements like "Dj's that play just grime play 2 many wack ambitionless artist that I don't want my music played amongst! Explanation for my elevation!" are totally unnecessary. It reminds me of what Kano was doing when 'London Town' came out. Then after the mainstream attention is gone, you have to make double the effort to be accepted by the fans that made you in the first place. How about while your doing well in the mainstream pay homage to where you came from, and never alienate yourself from your core fan base.

For extra thought on this check Blackdowns latest Pitchfork column and Julie's point of view.
So while Chipmunk has been shouting Grimes dead of the rooftops, Wiley made an appearance on Rinse FM for the first time in over a year. It was the first time I have seen twitter light up with everyone locked in across all the scenes to see what he was saying. It's a shame big MCs dont turn up to radio more often, they seem more focused on getting on Grimedaily.

It's at that point of the year when Grime characters start talking about next year. You know, the guys that have done fuck all in 2009, claiming 2010 to be theirs. I wish you lot the best of luck with that.

Ill be back in bit, until then, check:

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