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If you haven't been involved in the Twitter phenomena you have been missing out on U Stream. People broadcasting live, from wherever they may be. They come in different styles, so you could get Griminal and his mates spitting live from college, Mz Bratt taking questions from her followers and 50 Cent interacting with his fans. Skilliam and I have taken the route that our Rinse FM colleague DJ Oneman has, broadcasting a radio show live from the house. We are normally on Rinse FM late, and not everyone can check us out live, so it was fun to interact with a different bunch of people.

The show features new music from Starkey, SRC, Maniac and Terror Danjah, along with some Barry White for good measure.

I am not sure how often we are going to do this, but we want to get really creative with it, so watch this space.

Next month we are back in The Netherlands playing alongside Distance for Dub Infusions. Dutch crew you can buy tickets here, and we will be floating about the whole Saturday so if you want to link up, give me a shout.


  1. Anonymous 23 October 2009 at 00:57

    that livestream was sick, swear down.. big up you 2.