I was out in New York this past weekend for a music conference, which will probably be my last magazine piece.

I have no interest in being a journalist, and after spending a weekend with people who want are dedicated and really want to write about different music I thought it would be a good time to just stop writing for shit I don't even read myself. Stuff might pop up from time to time over at Fact but apart from that, I will be only be writing here from now on, hopefully more often then I have been as well! I only really want to write about Grime and fried chicken really.

The conference itself was quite interesting, there was a bunch of DJs and producers from all over the world, and it made me realize that nobody is really selling loads of CDs or records anywhere in the world. Busy P a massive electro DJ said vinyl on his label sells around 2,000 copies. The future of the music is really not in the sales of the audio, it is around associated product and live shows. The sooner the Grime scene realizes this the better. Music is free, in some of the countries the people were from, it was taboo to actually pay for music.

It is really weird describing how Grime is in England to people that have no knowledge of how things work are out here. Imagine someone telling you there's no club scene, not much music sold and police don't allow concerts. What would you think of that scene? With all of those failures it still is the breeding ground for exciting new artists and producers that eventually get signed like Chipmunk or go on to be credible independent artists like JME.

I also got the opportunity to interview former RWD Mag Editor (when it was good) Matt Mason as well, hopefully that will be up later on in the week!

Before I go, while I was away I missed the fortnightly Butterz show so Sir Spyro stood in for me, and went b2b with Skilliam. Download that here!



  1. Mas 30 June 2009 at 17:56


  2. Blimey 30 June 2009 at 20:50

    Big, awaiting the Matt Mason interview, Pirates Dilemma was a really good read.

  3. Newsy Chick 11 July 2009 at 09:07

    No more journalism? Really?

    Why stop what comes naturally?