Newham Generals

Easy, its been a while.

I came across this blog hating on one of my favourite acts Newham Generals. So this is kind of a Newham Gens appreciation post. Click here to read the blog, and the comments, it is actually funny.

The video in question is Bell Dem Slags. It is a humorous exaggeration of a situation bachelors can get into. If you didn't know, some people have casual sex regularly and the song and video just captures this in a harmless way.

The official video is called "Head Get Mangled" and is a "prodigy" style re working of the classic DEE lyrics. I am still unsure about the tune, but it is a better direction to go for them then the electro hit single. Check out what the Grime Forum think of it here.

Download Tubby & Footsie from Sunday Night Here. (A lot of new music)

Spyro's Rinse 07 launch party was last night at FWD. Badness, Jammer and the Newham Generals came through, this was the result. (No fancy editing, just 12 mins of footage)

So, when's the album out?

In other news

Check out this Durrty Goodz tune which I feature on. It is taken from the Ultrasound CD which is out now. Buy it here.

*Update* The whole radio show the Grime Killers audio was taken from featuring Dotun, Logan Sama, Twin B & Bashy. Download here.

I did an interview with Spyro for Fact Magazine; check that out here.

Got a few bits coming later on in the week, so stay tuned.


2000 & Grime
Logan Feat Durrty Goodz
JJ Feat Badness, Tempa T, P Money, Rage, Blacks
Westwood DJ Special
Vectra Feat Dizzle Kid & Badness
Logan Feat Cold Blooded


  1. Nick Lewis 2 February 2009 at 20:35

    LMAO @ Butterz on Dotun Adebayo! I listened to that show, didn't realize or remember tbh that you were on it! Jokes, I used to listen to up all night on five live on the regs haha

  2. Tom Lea 2 February 2009 at 20:37

    that footage isnt even funny. cant believe i missed it - had driven out to see a film before and i bailed straight after cuz i didn't fancy driving back home after another 2/3 hrs of snow. spyro's too much.