is his 3rd mixtape following Your Mum Vol.1 and the Chupa Chups mixtape. Hosted by Ras Kwame and Masterstepz respectively this one drops the host and is scratched and mixed by CJ Beats. It follows the traditional format of a US hip hop mixtape: freestyles, wheel ups, interludes and skits. Bashy & I’s first debate was the format of the UK mixtape. He says 'a CD that has all original material with full tunes, with a video on television and a tune serviced to DJs and available on all digital platforms' is an album. It is a way of putting out a product and not expecting 10,000 sold, with the excuse “its only a mixtape". Bashy’s effort is solely to promote the launch of and give his supporters something to listen to until Catch Me If You Can the album comes in 2009. I think the different directions artists have chosen to take the mixtape format has been a positive thing for the music. If everyone did the same thing, it would be quite boring, and Bashy has the ability to put 25+ tracks on a cd, whereas others were under pressure to do the same, it could result in poor quality mixtapes. Tinchy v Maniac, JME’s BBK Series and Terror Danjah’s Hardrive CD have all had unorthodox formats and have worked well, so there’s no reason why this can’t.

Bashy - Drive

The highlights of for me are: Raving no more, Think They're Bad and Blacks & Gold. Superheroes is pretty cool for an old skool comic fan like me. Very clever freestyle that could go over a lot of peoples heads. It is mainly freestyles over recent hip hop tracks, I don't know the original tunes so it is hard to compare, but there is definitely a paper planes freestyle, swagger like us, and a freestyle over T.I's Whatever You Like. It is a shame there aren't more freestyles over good UK tunes. There are always sick tunes floating needing a vocal. Tunes like Virgo's Hypnotiq, Rapid's License and even tunes from people like Rusko & Benga who's tunes rarely have vocals.

Bashy- Superhero

We also talked about the oddity of Black Boys not being nominated for a Mobo Award. We both don't know how the nominations and awards are decided so it just left us confused. Kidadulthood to Adulthood was nominated for best video, but is that an award for the director of the music video rather then the artist? Leona Lewis ended up winning that with Bleeding Love the most viewed music video on UK Youtube. No way an independent artist could of competed with one of the biggest pop acts this year. On the contrary this weekend Bashy picked up a UMA award for Most Inpsiring Act, I assume for Black Boys single and remix project. Hopefully this will be the first of many (awards not UMA's).

Catch Me If You Can Is Out In 2009

The website has gone live and the CD is out nationwide now. Check Bashy's Blog Here


  1. ju5 19 November 2008 at 20:11

    whaaa butterz vol 2 is ill..lovin the lucien freud fat sue artwork lol!!! stay up.

  2. Anonymous 10 January 2009 at 17:21

    WHerr bashhy gett his jumperr from in superhero its propaa smartt