Season One Episode One.

Is that the longest name for a free download ever? If you want to skip the opinion about the idea and the actual mix download HERE. To join the Facebook group to receive the freeness every Friday click HERE.

I have got mixed feelings about the free mix culture that the Myspace, Facebook and Blogger make so effortless to push. It has worked well for Bassline & Funky but Grime has only ever had a few here and there. Normally they are one offs, nothing consistent or worth keeping. Rinse.FMs DJ Vectra is doing a good job with monthly mixes called "In Control" but they are a mix up of all UK underground, as are our Butterz Volumes.

When I say work well, I mean well circulated, and highly influential on what gets battered in the clubs and on the radio. One of the main problems I find when playing Grime out is that a lot of people in the audience are not up to date with the music.

Not everybody wants to/can be asked to/does listen to Rinse or Logan on Kiss but still is interested in the music, and I think as long as these are consistent it provides a healthy & convienient alternative. It is pretty frustrating seeing top DJ's play the same old Grime favourites like Forward Riddim to get a reaction in a club, as the sound and scene has come a long way since then. It makes the raving experience a lot less exciting knowing you ain't going to be hearing much new stuff in the raves. As they are few and far between these days as well, the last thing you want to hear at a Grime rave are the tunes that were signed by labels in 2004 and battered to death.

Logan has chosen not to include a tracklisting with this mix. Quite a few other DJs have taken this approach because they don't want other DJ's to imitate or ask the producers for exactly the same tunes. But with Grime I think the artists name should be included. It is hard for MC's to make a name for themselves enough as it is with no pirate radio or regurlar raves. If people know who is on the songs, they will look out for more material from them.

One thing that frustrates me about Grime is the lack of documenting throughout the years. We have got a lot of classic music from 2004 onwards that will be forgotten. This makes it difficult for someone new to understand the history of the scene. Or have a legitmate way of owning Grime music without paying £7 for a poor CD in one of the dwindling independent stores. Dubstep has Dubstep Allstars and various other compilations that you can buy in HMV, Zavvi and is the logical route to understanding a genre. Grime just seems to have 100s of classic mp3s, DVDs full of hype talk about stuff that never came out and a handful of good CDs. We need a well represented compilation album out there, especially because year after year so many sick tunes don't get released for whatever reason. These free mixes would devalue paying for a product like that in my eyes. Giving away too much for free isn't good especially as Logan is guranteeing us one every Friday.

Back to the actual mix. There are tunes on here that Logan has been battering for months, and as im not a radio rip on my ipod kind of guy songs like Nasty Jack & Stormins - One Spliff A Day & Ghetto's Sing For Me are the highlights, even though they are familiar. If you were in any doubt about downloading it, Wiley's - Wheres My Brother is on there.

If you haven't listened to Grime for a while it is an easy way to catch up, but if you haven't listened to Grime for a while, you have come to the right blog!

Just download and enjoy.