Odd time to do a general up date, but here goes.

While Wiley is on RWD Forum (RIP) proclaiming grime is dead he is also gearing up for a release of an album with Asylum records. It is called See Clear Now, which is odd, and the music I heard on it from Logans Show last night, sounds odd as well, hard to describe, really hard to get my head around. This video gives a glimpse of what we are in for November 10th.

If you have a day to sit down and watch people talk about music Here's a link to Red Bull Music Academy's lecture page. Featured here is Skepta, but on the page you can find loads of other people you can't read about on Butterz but are still pretty cool like David Rodigan, Sway, Kode 9, MJ Cole and Plastician. Makes you proud to be British!

If you haven't taken any notice of this image from the homepage, and the nice banner on top, let me remind you Forward v Rinse (The last at The End) is this Friday. Buy your ticket by clicking the lovely flyer below. Plastician do an old school Grime set please! Cheers.

After all the hate mail I got from the Mobo blog I am going to take it easy on the Urban Music Awards. Partly because most people don't/shouldn't care about them, and because they don't truly represent 'Urban Music". They could at least recognise some of the people that the Mobos chose to ignore. My top 3 selected pants categories are:

Best DJ: Fat Ted, Mistajam, Ronnie Herrell, Scottie B, Shortie Blitz. - Don't get me started.
Most Inspiriring Act: Bashy, Chipmunk, Duffy, Estelle, Natasha Bedingfield. - I don't think Duffy and Natasha Bedingfield are urban artists for starters. How do you prove how inspiring somebody has been? This is a joke right?
Best Producer: Burga Boy, Dexplicit, Fraser T Smith, Mark Ronson, T2 - Should of nominated Bless Beats, he produced a number 2 record, and it sold well, it is called Wearing My Rolex with Wiley on the vocals.

It is a shame Grime cannot be represented explicitly. These awards also ignore Dubstep and Funky, weird ain't it. They would rather chase Leona Lewis and Cheryl Cole, face it, they have better places to be!

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  1. M.I.T.S // Little Adenugzz 21 October 2008 at 16:28

    Is that wiley song real?
    Hmmm ....
    What hate male did you get for the Mobo thing?!!?!?


    If I do a PROPER blog on the Mobos or UMA I'd probably get sued!
    So I'm going to allow it ....