£350 for a table at the Mobo's. It was the best shitty award show I have ever seen. Luckily I had top boy seats.

Most of you probably didn't see any of it (who watches BBC3?!), so I have compiled for you the best of the worst. The Z list celebrities were out in full force.

Highlight has to be Trever Nelson winning best radio show award. He clearly didn't care. He looked offended that he had to stand up to get it.

Anyway here are 10 better ways to spend £350. (In no order)

10. 49,000 grams of fizzy cola bottles from Keeping it Sweet
9. 16 bottles of Wray & Nephew white Rum from TheDrinkShop
8. PS3 with Metal Gear Solid from Empire Direct
7. £350 worth of Euros from any bureau de change.
6 Kota the Triceratops from Firebox
5. A return trip to New York from British Airways
4. A Nikon camera to take even better pictures for your facebook from PC World.
3. 10 different fake Ed Hardy garments from here.
2. A 26inch tv from Sharp
1. A real table and chairs that you can keep forever!

Congratulations to Chipmunk for winning best newcomer. How Wiley got nothing escapes me. He even turned up. Massive disrespect.

Here are a few other peoples take on it.
London Paper


  1. Loukia 17 October 2008 at 00:28

    Erm you DO care Elijah DON'T LIE...
    "Light hearted entertainment" at its best.

  2. Mas 17 October 2008 at 00:32

    hahahahaha! No ratings lol

  3. HGMAG 17 October 2008 at 03:12

    Thanks for the summary didn't even watch it.

  4. M.I.T.S // Little Adenugzz 17 October 2008 at 03:25


    You're the best!

    I was in the hotel in Leeds ... laughing!! JUST LAUGHING!!

    It was the most EMBARRASSING thing EVER!

  5. Andrew 23 October 2008 at 03:46

    video's a lot

    usually i'm so shameless, but that video had me feelin so embarassed, feel like i've just been shanked in the stomach after eatin a full meal

    too funny. big up