Download the video here
You can watch it back on video ipods, cant say I dont give away stuff for free eh.
It's kinda nang. This was filmed on my handheld Casio photo camera, sound quality is nice.

Features D Double E, Jammer, C Gritz & special guest Skepta. No show for Pres T which is a shame. Big up Skilliam for the I Can CU Stageshow Mix. *Not featured in this vid ha*

Skilliam b2b Vectra.

"Edited" By Elijah

Coming to the big screen soon.

Other stuff I just want to mention to save pointless blogging.
  • Rapid has a track with Kano called Its War. I don't know if its new or old. But its better then Hustler.
  • Whoever email/msns me asking where to get a BBK tropical t shirt from now on, will get back free some Vengaboys music.
  • The winner of the Rude Kid EP was Sawan Jethwa the other people that emailed me, send me your addresses and I will send you some free crap I have accumulated since my details were given to Labels.
  • Silencers WOW BASS EP gonna be out in a minute. The advert alone is pretty entertaining. Check it:
  • All you fiends looking for the latest free downloads CLICK HERE. Props to LW as usual



  1. skluuf 23 July 2008 at 13:01

    Cool for the video still. One thing that pisses me off about these recent grime events is playing old tunes fucking hell wtf, can't they just let em go now. No one actually enjoys them anymore, wheres all the new bangers at? People do listen to sets/radio so we wont be suprised when you put a new banger on shit.

  2. Elijah 23 July 2008 at 13:21

    Skilliam played MOTD and DTI VIP to motivate Skepta to jump on set, he did. Vectra dropped some new bits 527am and the best.

    Did you listen to our own set.

    We were playing Dubs we got 2 weeks ago man! Freshuns alongside grime from over the past 2 years!