What feedback did you get back from the format of Harddrive 1? Are you going to do the same for Volume 2?

Alot of people prefered the instrumentals. Its hard to chase the artist, especially in the Grime scene. I think im gonna have the same format as Wookie did on his first album, mainly instrumentals with an artist featured on a few tracks.

Is putting 10 instrumentals on a CD your way of saying goodbye to the vinyl, or do you still plan to put them out?

Well times have changed, where as a few years ago, producers could sell vinyl and be making profit, as nowadays you'll barely break even due to mainly Grime music is not in the clubs so Dj's dont purchase as much plus the arrival of cdj's have made it hard to sell vinyl. If the trends changed, then I would release vinyl regularly.
You haven't really experimented with the other genres like Funky and Bassline yet, is that because you don't like them?

Ha ha not yet, well I think its good to experiment with other styles of music, as long as it applied back into the music your renowed for. Even if I make other styles of music, you will always Terror Danjah's grime influence. Who said Grime has to be 140bpm...

Aftershock was always famed as a production crew more then an MC crew. What are the other producers up to; DOK? Magnum Force? Spyro?

D.O.K is just finished his instrumental cd entitled "Dokument", Magnum is busy working on tracks for Bruza, Mz Bratt's and Badness albums or how Badness puts it, Gyalbum. Spyro is on fire right now he's on Bruza's, Jme's Famous? album and doing a lot of remixes and production credits on various artists mixtapes, plus Loudmouth has thrown his production hat in the ring with "Suck out/Cut Out".

What made you start Hardcast? What has been the response so far?

The fact radio input is decreasing and people in general are spoilt for choice, so I decided to a podcast for the Grime Forum, because the forum is at heart of the Grime scene. Plus we email the podcast to normal people. The response is amazing, I didn't think I would get the warm reception, especially being one show deep.

Would you like to go back on mainstream radio full time? (He was on 1xtra)
Nah it is too time consuming and it brings too much politics and conflict of interest.

Grime in 2008.. What have been the positives the scene can take from the first 6 months?

Everyone becoming more business minded. Urban music in the UK has bounced back recently, so this hopefully rub off on the Grime scene. So hopefully we'll see Grime artist becoming more and more mainstream. And also the arrival of the Grime Forum!

You have been working with Mz.Bratt for a while now, do you think 2008 is going to be the year for her?

Love Mz Bratt, she like my lil sis, she has positive energy. She definately putting down the steps, I feel this is the last year of growing. I believe next year will be her year.

How do you think the raving scene can improve?

More producers including myself making more cluby, dancefloor material. Theres nothing wrong with the half tempo stroke hip hop style, but its all one sided at the moment and should be left to the singers or albums, thats my opinion.

What have we got to look forward to for the 2nd half of 2008 from yourself and your camp?

Erm, Hardrive volumes 2 and 3 from myself, Bruza's album entitled "Tales of the Underdog", Lava Unit mixtape "Pa-lava Eruption", Mz Bratt's album entitled "Time of the Month", Loudmouth's album and Elrae's album out end june, "Raeman". Also look out for The Swarm set by Sir Spyro and Various mc's, and last but not least Hardcast every month on the Grime Forum.


1. Aftershock - Warning DJ Illness Special

2. Newham Generals - Murked Again feat. Badness

3. Frisco - Shots Fired

4. Hardcast@live.co.uk

5. Griminal Can it Be

6. Shak - S.H.A.K.

7. P Money - What Did He Say?

8. Hardcast@live.co.uk

9. Ghetto - Sing For Me feat. Tamzin

10. Brutal - Dont Push Me

11. P Money - Feeling the Power

12. Hardcast@live.co.uk

13. Skepta - King of Grime

14. Random Impulse - Suicide

15. A.S.B - Take Note feat. Desperado

16. Hardcast@live.co.uk

17. Double S - Pot Full of Gold

18. Double S - Soft Like Tits

19. Double S - P.A.P.E.R.

20. Hardcast@live.co.uk

21. DVA - Test this Corner feat. Flo Dan

22. No Lay - Swagger feat. Ghetto

23. Laava Unit - Fix Ur Bizness

24. O.G's - Money feat. Doctor

25. Hardcast@live.co.uk

26. Devlin - Soundbwoy Murder feat. Durrty Goodz

27. Devlin - Paid My Dues

28. Devlin - As Time Goes By feat. Smasher

29. Hardcast@live.co.uk www.myspace.com-stiktoe

30. Tubby T - Tales From the Hood

31. Tubby T - Ready She Ready Terror Danjah Remix feat. Bruza & Shizzle

32. Tubby T - Studio

33. Tubby T - Guns