Skepta - Rinse 04

First of all I would like to say this CD is a good listen. I bought it, enjoyed it, have listened a couple of times....

But Skepta didn't rep for me on this one. Compared to how Skream represented himself and the dubstep scene on Rinse 02 I think Skepta could of done a better job of making himself look like the all rounder he is and showcase all the grime he is feeling. It is more like a party mixtape you would make for a friend, and these where his motivations behind his song choice as he explains in the commentary with Martin Clark.

I just think he could of used this CD to take us in a different direction.

Here is what I expected when I heard Skepta was doing Rinse 04:

Classic Skepta instrumentals, unheard Skepta and Boy Better Know productions possibly unreleased Meridian crew dubs... I don't know maybe that's too much to ask for. How about the tunes that are on Youtube rotation that he is promoting for Microphone Champion like Dark & Over The Top or other dubs that are floating about like Cricket Bat, Body Bag and Skanking Ting.
When I saw the tracklisting and realised it is tunes that have been out for a while, and have already seen a full release like Deadout, Night, Skengman Mode and Sole Fusions Base Tone I was a bit disapointed.

Highlights of the CD for me where Work Days, Tingles, Wileys Club 7 and the classic Skepta Remix of Midnight Request Line. It is definitely work picking up, but it isn't on the levels for the first 3 of the Rinse Collections.

Paleface Rinse 05 and Spyro 06. So there is a lot to look forward too.