Devlin @ Uptown Records 21/06/08

Devlin, Deeperman, Ghetto on mic

JJ on decks first, followed by Tubby

yeah so bopped down to this yesterday (with my little friend Gabbi - who so kindly cut and uploaded these videos). We stood outside having a spliff for ages not wanting to go downstairs and awkwardly stand alone with Devlin, but soon people started to arrive and by the time we went downstairs he was already on mic and the basement was rammed.

Devs spat for about 15 mins before taking a breather. He returned joined by Deeperman, and after a while, Ghetto soon arrived. Full audio of the set coming soon courtesy of Uptown (according to Aza T) and full footage probably on the way as smokey barz was there filming. Rsky was also filming so thats probly gona be on something at some point as well... lol.

this was actually FUCKED.