I don't know why the blog is called aftermath. It just sounded right. But here is some audio from the night. Butterz set, Marcus Nasty B2B Mak10, and Spyro feat Badness, Frisco, Rapid, Fuda Guy, Lee Brasco and more.

The audio is pretty bad in places so don't turn it up too loud, or your speakers will DIE.

Listen out for the Pulse X funky mix and the Rolex Sweep Funky Mix in Marcus Nastys set. Im not going to do this all the time so enjoy.

I hate the outside area at Egg, everyone basically stands there and doesn't bother with the music. I really can't be asked to talk to men at raves. I actually come for the music. Big up the 15 people that enjoyed the Jungle from Skilliam after Spyro!

Big up Matt on the photos as usual

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