Version Diversion

I don't understand why Grime has pretty much abandoned the version excursion.

I am saying abandoned like there are loads; the only major ones by my recollection are: Pum Pum Riddim, Backwards Riddim, No Bass, Battle Riddim, Zumpi Hunter, Ghetto Kyote, Straights and most recently Stageshow Riddim. One of the most memorable is Wiley's Ice Rink which GrimeTapes.Com has brought back to life with this set. Download HERE Where Wiley Premiers 12 versions including Kanos, Tinchy Stryders & Dizzee Rascals.

I would of thought the version track (as long as the beats good) works for both producer and MC. The producer quickly gets a beat familiar and gets every other DJ calling them for the tune. It is a fast way to blow a tune, and as long as it is out quickly it can sell whatever vinyl sells these days and it will be on every phone and Ipod within the land. It is a good look for hype around a producers name. A stand out version is enough to push a strong product. Skitz Beatz pushed his first mixtape on the strength of the battle riddim versions. Especially this one:

Tempa T - Battle Riddim

The benefit for the MC is having the producer pushing a tune for you, all you have to do is turn up to studio and vocal it. If you are that guy with the stand out version you will be A: Booked in what ever raves there are left B: Possibly featured on a vinyl alongside the instrumental C: Featured on the producers mixtape. This works well for the MC's that are trying to get their name out there or established MCs that want to showcase their hype bars.

One thing I never liked about version tunes in Grime is people don't bother making new songs out of it, it is just all the MCs lyrics on one song unlike the reggae counterparts, where every person that vocals it makes a real song out of it. Imagine if Kano vocalled Ghetto Kyote in such a way it could of been featured on Home Sweet Home? Or Skepta put Stageshow riddim on Greatest Hits with a mad vocal. But they don't.... Commander Bs Pum Pum riddim done the best at this with More Fire making the song Breasts and Kano's I Hate Boyfriends which are two classics!

Version tracks in 2008? Loudmouths - Suck Out Riddim is rumoured to have been vocalled by a few big MCs but none apart from Bruzas version have seen the light of day. Only time will tell if another as big as Ice Rink will happen, a few producers have the power to shake up the scene with a big version track again.

MAKE IT HAPPEN. (It may even motivate people to start buying some grime vinyl again)