One of the great recurring topics on Grime Forum is who are the best grime producers? The same names always come up; Rapid, Davinche, Wiley, Skepta, Terror Danjah, Dexplicit among others. Rapid has been around for a while, but has never spoken before on his thoughts on Grime, Funky, Dubstep and the way forward for himself and Ruff Squad.

Rapid, first of all how comes we don't hear much from you? Other producers like Skitz Beatz and Terror Danjah have put together their own compilation albums what have you been up to?

I have been upping the levels, I took on University full time doing Music Technology, and I am doing rave promotions. I took a year out before I went to University to work and put money towards my studio set up. Now its there, I am ready to go. I don't mind if I am ten mixtapes behind anyone else I know when mine comes out it will be untouchable.

Me and Dirty have done an instrumental mixtape 40 tracks old and new. People always ask for them, so we will give it to the people. We got bare classics so they need to get out to the fans, and DJs that use CDJs. We are putting together a Ruff Squad album and we have done a tune called Walking Me Home which will be out soon. Everything we have done so far with Ruff Squad is straight up independent our own peas invested into the videos and music that's getting put out. Big up No Hats No Hoods for putting out RSMD on vinyl that's doing pretty well. Last thing I got is my own production mixtape which will probably be called Rapid Fire with all the top grime guys on it.

So are we going to see Rapid tunes on other peoples major projects this year?

I am on Ghettos, Durrty Goodz, Ruff Squad and Lee Brasco albums, I can't give away much more then that!

What other grime producers are you feeling right now?

Dirty, Maniac, Scholoar, Stuntz, Davinche, P2J, Low Deep, JME, Nocturnal, Jammer, Skepta & Wiley.

In the other underground scenes we have in the UK Bassline/Dubstep/Funky the producers also DJ. Do you think it would be better for grime if producers where DJing as well?

Definitely, I need to invest in some CDJs. It would be another way to generate cash, as well as play your own productions in raves. It might change the way people make music if they know they have to get the crowd to react whether that's by making them dance or making them show their gun fingers. Right now it is kind of up in the air because of the whole transition between vinyl and CDs. But I am definitely going to get on to it, I want to be a powerhouse; MC, producer, DJ, promoter and get into artist management. But ultimately I will own my own label.

Are you into the Bassline, Dubstep or Funky house music?

Of course. I have been making funky house, and when it comes out, everyone will like it, it is just good music, me and Dirty have been building it for a while, we have a mixture of stuff there already; vocal and instrumental. We are not going to use aliases like some other grime producers have I want everyone to know it is me that has made the tune they like. I also put on my own Funky raves with De Ja Vus DJ Matik called Love Injection. It's proper, man come to the dance wearing shoes, girls come looking beautiful and everyone has fun. Big up Geeneus for making one of the biggest funky tunes ever in emotions.

Do any of the DJs drop grime tunes at your raves?

Nah they don't play grime at all, maybe the odd tune like Duppy but its Funky House, Rnb and Bashment all night. Grime is for a different market, I would like to put on a grime night, but I wouldn't think about combining the two, the grime fans wouldn't appreciate the Funky and the Funky fans wouldn't appreciate the Grime. I will put on a Grime night.

Whats your relationship like with Takeover Ent (Tinchys Label)? Could the Ruff Squad album come out with them?

Yea everything is cool with them, but their focus is Tinchy. They have just started up themselves, Star In The Hood was the first album they put out, and they are working to push him. I am not sure which way we are going to put out the Ruff Squad album whether it is going to be independent totally or whether it will get signed to a label. Either way it will be big.

Going forward what to do think your future is in music?

I believe I will make a stamp on the UK and parts of the world in time. I just need to use the tools I have in an effective way that will push me to where I want to be. I see myself as a pioneer because I have been blessed with my own sound which a lot of producers do not have. I am not in it for the money and if you are an up and coming producer don't think about it for the money do it for the love. If you have the drive and the focus the money will come with it. Thats why I respect artists like Wiley, I have seen him through ups and downs in his career but he still persists whatever the weather and often comes out with a good result.

Ruff Squad- RSMD is out now and look out for Champion Sound out soon.

Heres a Free Tune from Rapid - Download Here