Is it good to have Kano back?

Rock Vs Rap

Wiley @ Dirty *Yawn* Canvas. I am done with DC. I don't care if this is the only place you can really hear Grime live. It's pants. The same DJ's over and over, same MCs and poor 2nd rooms make this a miss able event for me every month. Maybe if it was bi monthly, artists booked on what is coming out or making a lot of noise (Why haven't OGs/Smasher/Double S/Bashy/Silencer/ Scratcha been booked!) Instead they appear to book people you can see at many other nights in and around LDN so line ups for these type of nights are looking samey and tired.

Another issue I have with DC is their random bookings i.e Sunship & MJ Cole? If people want to hear old school Garage, surely you could get one of the current DJs like Spyro or Vectra to dig in their boxes. Some of the stuff Ive heard Sunship play in the raves is from the late 90s, and to the DC audience which is ranges from ages from 18- 24 year olds mainly that got into Grime post Forward Riddim, it alienates most of the crowd. In the age of CDJs and fast switching between songs (also short attention spans), Sunship puts on a record nobody in the crowd knows and then lets it run for over 3 minutes. That is exactly how you dead a crowd.

The last DC I went to was Ghettos launch. The crowd didn't move to any music until Ghetto actually came on stage, and this was around 1am, so before this, only a few tunes got a reaction: Night, Oi, Rhythm and Gash, Oh No and Forward Riddim. It's sad that people only really come to watch performances then actually listen to the music.

I think DC @ ICA was actually better. Shorter = more quality control artists and DJs wise, it was more of a showcase then a rave and there were more then 2 girls in the place. Moving forward I think variety will improve it, mix up of DJs, MCs and even venues to keep it fresh, and keep a variety of people coming instead of weirdos from forums/bloggers and graphic designers.

This weeks raves:

Wow Vs Chockablock @ EGG Kings Cross
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  1. Loukia Louchi 22 May 2008 at 21:52

    you made me think of DC in a different light now.
    maybe i'm too impressionable...who knows...