How would you describe your music? Tunes like Gully Brook & Holly Brook have been played by Dubstep & Grime DJs are you deliberately trying to appeal to both?

Joker: I'm not really trying nothing I'm just doing me and that what comes out, I'm not trying to make grime/dubstep, I'm just making what I make and it appeals to these guys innit.

Do you want MCs to vocal your tunes? Are there any vocals already done by MCs that we will know?

Joker: No I dont mc at all I just chat shit lol and there are no mcs u will no, infact some may have herd of Buggsy the rest u will no about soon!

How would you feel about an MC vocalling one of your tunes that is yet to be released and putting it on their mixtapes without permission?

Joker: I wouldnt be pissed but I would but then this the thing about the grime mcs there unproffessional init so it wouldnt shock me. Thats why I don't really fuck with it any more because they will make p of it and I wont. Nobody is not going to get hold of my tracks untill there out from now so when its out and they can do what they want I cant really do a lot with after that.

What projects are you working on right now?

Joker: I have been working on a mix cd for ages but I fucked up and lost it twice now im just being lazy really. Im just making tunes slowly and if I think there should be a vocal on there then I will get it done but I really dont know when this cd will be done because I just cant be bothered.

When your playing out live do you just do a set of your own music? If not what other peoples tunes are you mixing it up with?

Joker: Its not just my music, im not producing as much I was, a few years ago I would play out just playing my stuff but not any more. I play stuff like Gemmy, J@kes, Rustie, Sukh Knight 2000F and then the bait names like Skream Benga and so on. I would like 2 play more grime but im not hearing any good grime apart from Maniac and if there are other good grime producers I dont know about them. I like Wiley and Skeptas stuff but I have not heard nothing strong for ages.

Snake Eater, Whats the sample from? It is coming out on a new imprint Soul Motive, why are they putting it out and not yourself?

Joker: The sample is from Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater. I was just doing it for a joke because I like the game but im not really big fan of the tune thats why im not putting it out but Mr Forsaken wanted it and I was like cool.

We are at the halfway point of the year where do you want to be at the end of 2008?

Joker: I dont really look at things like that I do music because I like it not to get big im just going to keep on doing what im doing and where ever I end up I end up.

Snake Eater is out on Soul MotiveRecords soon, with TRG - Move this on the flip.

This is the mix that Joker did for Skreams Stella Sessions. If you have never heard Joker, this is a top introduction.

1-Natasja-ilderbrand i byen-2000F REMIX
2-Swagger-Benny page
3-Snake eater-Joker
4-You dont Know what love is -2000f-JKamata
5-Solid state-Joker
8-Narsty Narsty Narsty-Scratcha.D.V.A
9-Get ya cock out-Rusko
10-3K lane-J@kes & Joker
11-Holly brook park-Joker
12-Sushi brain-Headhunter
13-Konfusion dub-Kode9
14-Back 2 the future-Gemmy
15-Need You-Darkstar
17-Get up instrumental-Pinch


  1. Anonymous 30 June 2008 at 15:27

    Joker is a badman producer.
    Funny that he's not too into 'Snake eater'... big tune.

  2. Wonk Hop 1 December 2010 at 16:19

    Properly decent.